Friday, July 25, 2014

Bitches' 2D1N KL Food Trip Part 3: Tous les Jours @ WOLO Bukit Bintang, KL

After Acme Bar & Coffee, then The Library Coffee Bar, third stop for the day was *roll drums*

Tous les Jours

A place where I've been longing to pay a visit for so long but never did since I thought it'd be kinda pricey (okay it IS kinda pricey for some products, not all tho).  
Not a place where I can linger long alone as I'd be drowned in the dark pleasure of consuming all of the pastries and cakes here and flee without paying. 
Now that I'm finally here with my bitches! :D

I thought it's a French bakery house (with its fancy classy name), Hui Chi popped the balloon by clarifying that it's South Korea's.
Okay, I'm used to being a fool in real life, now I'm also a dumb ass when it comes to food too, great.

Thank you Google for the further explanation.

Heavenly heaven for everybodeh.

Meanwhile the bitches were busy choosing what to buy, I was off with Wenyi's Olympus Pen Lite EPL-3 again! 
Deeply in love with the cam, even in Auto mode.

Absolutely proud of myself for these pretty photos teehee.

Finding a table for five wasn't easy since it was a public holiday.
We were kinda lucky that we got one with great natural lighting!

So these were what we ordered:

Blueberry yogurt cake (cup) - RM 8.90

Smooth texture with a lil sweet and sour gesture, like yogurt but not quite like.
Great way to chill the evening with the scorching Sun out there since it was served cold.
The blueberry macaroon tasted like a typical macaroon lol, the sweetness was devastating but not the way I like it haha.

Devil's cake piece - RM 10.50

Do try this if you're a die-hard fan of dark chocolate!
Proven by Hui Yee's unstoppable fork that couldn't curb to feed her munching mouth trolololol.
Tasted fresh and it wasn't too sweet with the very dark chilly chocolate layer by layer with the cake.
Thumbs up!

Apple crumb danish - RM 4.20

It wasn't pre-heated before we ate, so the danish was a lil chewy-challenging.
In the end we messed up the whole table with crumbs like a bunch of filthy kids.
The filing was good as I could identify that there was true apple bits in it, appetizing too.

Chicken curry croquette - RM 3.90

It's a deep fried donut curry puff literally.
Highly recommended by Hui Chi who ate it before which soon grew into a deep affection.
Wasn't pre-heated too, tasted oily and I was madly disappointed :(
Will give it a second try though, after I finish all the other pastries at Tous les Jours hahahahaha. 

The tam-chiak ("gluttonous" in Hokkien) bitches :P

Check out for Tous les Jours' other outlets at Bangsar, Empire Shopping Gallery and Empire Damansara too!
More info at TLJ Store Location.

If you think that this is the end of our day, fear not, it isn't!
Stay tuned!

Tous les Jours

Official Website

126, 126A-C,
Jalan Bukit Bintang,
Kuala Lumpur

+603-4065 0088

Opening Hours :
8am – 11pm (Daily)

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Bitches' 2D1N KL Food Trip Part 2: The Library Coffee Bar @ Avenue K, KL

Today's schedule was a very tight and pack one - Lotsa places to go and get my documents done.
Went for a Hepatitis blood test and the spot is still aching now, must be the fast poke-in-and-poke-out by the woman back in PathLab.  Burrhh.

Nothing seemed to go right today.  
I was constantly feeling lost and blur, hot-tempered, got mad over little things, impatience burhhh.  
Got nagged by Dad for my clumsiness, for not being well-organized enough to get everything right.  
I too, had no idea what was going on in my head, okay :(
So I decided to blame it on the weather.

Tomorrow will be a hectic day as well but lets hope that I'll get my good mood back again with a full tank of positivity.


Right after the first stop of our KL food trip at Acme Bar & Coffee, we headed to The Library Coffee Bar  for tea-time.

So here we are at The Library Coffee Bar.

My dear bitches.  
Too bad not all six of them were here, hopefully another girls' date is any sooner!

The name "The Library" was kind of familiar to me.
It took me seconds to relate it to a bar having the same name located at the IOI Boulevard near my housing area.
Well, due to some maintenance problem or some other issues like the rapid growing number of competitors around the place with the encouraging big leap of the SetiaWalk, The Library changed its name to "Tu Shu Guan" (which means "the library" in mandarin), probably a change in management control. 
Then it stopped operating before I even got the chance to step into a library-like drinking place.

Anyway, how the name's like, or whether this is anyhow relevant between the bar and this coffee bar I have yet to spend too much time to begin the investigation.
However, through some brief websites and reviews hopping I saw there were many out there having the same question as I had too.
But who cares anyway. 

Beautiful setting and comfortable layback environment are of the several important key features of a successful coffee bar these days despite the quality and quantity of the serving.
Not much of disappointment but not much to be said as a highlight for The Library I'd say.
Coffee houses these days have similar interior designs and I'm certainly looking forward for one which can drop my jaw.

Here it is, our tea time menu.

Ice blended pure vanilla milk shake - RM 13.50

Smooth aroma, not too sweet, great choice for a hot evening as such.
Advisable to drink it before the ice melts, else it'd taste like baby's milk with too much of water with too little milk powder.

Caramel latte - RM 12.50

Didn't know one of the main attraction of The Library was its coffee cocktail, ordered this coz the caffeine addiction was too difficult to resist.
Was a lil disappointed with this actually, I was expecting something with deeper fragrance and of thicker coffee beany aroma.
I'd rate it below average, no second time for this order :(

Mango maniac crepe - RM 12.50

Okay I admit I was way too hungry to get a good angle of it.
Fresh mangoes in between but the texture wasn't good enough for a crepe, probably Nadeje's had brought crepes to a different level.
I loved the vibrant colour though.  

Red velvet cake - RM 10.50

Too beautiful to be wasting time on taking photos rather than getting our forks on it.
Another disappointment again ngawwww.
Great presentation but of below average quality.
The cake was dry and there was nothing that I can recall to be praised of.
I'm sorry but no next time for this too :(

Probably we weren't on any goodie luck here,
should had Googled for its highlight dishes before we visited.

Better luck next time then :)

Stay tuned for Part 3! 


The Library Coffee Bar
FB: The Library Coffee Bar MY

Lot G-8B, Ground Floor, Avenue K,
156 Jalan Ampang,
50450 Kuala Lumpur,

+603 2181 6077

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Bitches' 2D1N KL Food Trip Part 1: Acme Bar & Coffee @ The Troika, KL

Have been very busy with my packed schedule with dozens of fun moments with dear H, wind orchestra kakis and my bitches despite the loaded preparation to fly on this coming September.

Scholarship procedures. 
VISA application. 
TB test. 
Medical checkup. 
Accommodation settlement. 
Gadgets survey. 
Return to USM for necessary procedures. 

And the to-do-list goes on.  

Before I keep the ranting mode on and I'm sure you'd be pretty much dozed off before you can even get the idea of how messed up I am at the current state so I better snap off. 

Life's never been dull whenever I'm with my bitches. 

It's semester break now and it's time to screw diet, go wild with our taste buds and show no mercy to our tummies! 

Out of the seven of us, only five of us managed to make up to Khe Sin's KL foodie plan and to have a mini sleepover before she handed over her UM's dorm key.

I'm kinda lazy with words these days so I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

1st stop: Acme Bar & Coffee 

(I used to think it was ACNE instead of Acme lol, I was like, yerrr this coffee bar's name why so geli one -.-#embarassingnya pfffft)

Have been seeing friends checking in at this coffee place at Instagram lately, was extremely delighted when Khe Sin suggested this place as our first stop.
Left UM with RapidKL, then LRT, took a long walk from KLCC and reached this place.
It wasn't far from KLCC actually, but thanks to GPS which led us circling KLCC instead of short displacement daheck.
Reached there at around 11.30 a.m, still we had to wait for an hour plus for a dining place since we didn't make a reservation and coincidentally it was a public holiday.
Had to share a dining table with a pair of couple too - Not to complain but this is how good the business is you see
Welcome to KL lol -____-

Missed out Egg Benedict since the breakfast menu time was over.

Forgot to charge my camera and Wenyi was out with her baby Olympus Pen Lite EPL-3.
This gorgeous was so kind to lend me to play around with her baby so jyeaaaaaa.
No filter no nothing yo.


Highlight of the place and it was the reason why we were there.

Sizzling brownie - RM 19.00

Served separately with the dark chocolate lava and a sizzling plate with a brownie with ice cream topping and a slice of strawberry.
Love the crackling sound of sweet heaven for my emptied stomach.
The mixture of the bubbling hot chocolate as it melted on the tip of your tongue with the chilly ice cream and the tinge of thick chocolate brownie.
Probably one of the best dessert I ever had!
I had never witnessed Hui Yee going so wild over a dish before and this was it!

P.S: Yea we ate dessert before our main course so what :P

Rigatoni pasta with turkey ham, bacon slices and olives - RM 29.00

Used to hate the taste of an olive but it seemed to blend in with the sauce perfectly well.
The texture of the pasta was slightly hard though.


Lamb shoulder in soy sauce with fresh peas and fries- RM 45.00

3 pieces of  not overly cooked mutton, great texture and the most important part,
no gamy taste at all.
We didn't like the sauce too much however, probably we somehow related the taste to char-siew instead.
I used to not touch green peas at all, frozen ones in the big packet with carrot cubes and corn bits is a disaster, especially when one adds'em into fried rice eeewww.
But after this dining experience at ABC, I totally changed the perception towards fresh green peas.
Juicy and mildly sweet which blended in well with the mutton and fries.
Fries were good too, in good proportion, just enough for the five of us to finish.

Pomegranate cranberry juice - RM 13.00

Hui Chi ordered this and it was a delight especially on a hot day as such.
Not too sweet and I particularly loved the fresh pomegranates at the bottom.

It'd be a waste if I don't post these photos taken by such a lovely camera.
I have yet to learn to snap professionally with ISOs and shutter speeds bla bla so I was on Auto mode all the way.

Didn't order coffee since Hui Chi couldn't take caffeine, snapped a photo of other people's order instead hahaha :)

Looked bright in the cam but nahhhh much to learn.

Waiting for the coffee drop in mid air but I wasn't sure how to slow down the shutter speed and my butt was constantly being banged by some random passerbys or waitresses with hot coffees.
Had to leave before getting a perfect shot before I got my butt burnt lol.

Great coffee goes great with simple white big mugs.

Cakes were pretty but we didn't have much tummy (and cash) for these so next time prolly?

Stay tuned for more KL food pit stops if you're one food lover like us! :D

Acme Bar & Coffee

Official Website

Unit G1, The Troika,
19 Persiaran KLCC,
50450 KL,


Monday, July 14, 2014

乘风。向西北 —— MyBrainSc Overseas Scholarship


—— 从小一直都有想出国念书的梦,想去看看马来西亚以外的天空,想在不同的学习制度下呼吸。我本来就有点自命不凡,再加上一路走来都挺顺利,我坚信总有一天我会离开这个国家,出去闯一闯,再回来。15/5/13 《When the Road Meets the Sky》。

—— 这两个星期,陆陆续续听到朋友们得到海外奖学金的消息,真替他们开心。我想,机缘来了,是你的就是你的。2/8/13 《远方》。

—— 天空很大,梦想也很大。总有一天,我会抵达我向往的地方。或许去的目的已经不同,
但这是我现在唯一能做的,踮起脚尖眺望。4/8/13 《You don't Runaway》。

—— 我知道我跟别人相比起来我幸运得多,但站在梦想前的我卑微得只看得到自己的影子,和那无畏的执着。23/1/14 《回忆里的疯狂》。


那时有说不听改不掉的固执,在考中文书写的时候明知道自己写的故事完全背离批改老师手中的评改指南(亦或 Scheme/Skema),每次拿回卷子的时候都得担心这回老师是把我该做离题呢,或是不切题。


我得到一份全额国外奖学金了! :)

在 University of Manchester 念纯生物。

这是一份由教育局提供的全额国外奖学金,名 MyBrainSc,只提供给纯理科学生,即选修纯生物/化学/物理/数学 (Pure Biology/Chemistry/Physics/Mathematics)。
我是于年头申请的,当时也没多想,一直至陆陆续续收到了去考 IQ Test 和面试的通知,还有多日的等待之下,我成为了得到这份奖学金的其中一位幸运儿。
虽说正式的奖学金合约还未签上,不过依据往年来说,毕业以后将会与教育局有五年的工作合约,听说工作范围主要是与研究或 academic line 有关,也有继续升学的自由。


同时,这也意味着已经在吉兰丹 USMKK 念完了大学一年级的饮食治疗 (USM Dietetics),得放弃了。

希望接下来的程序都顺顺利利呗 :)


—— To dream is to believe.

Monday, July 7, 2014


—— 如果每个人平均就只有六十五岁的寿命,我在十八岁那年遇见了你,此后你的身影就占了我人生的六十六巴仙。而我们在茫茫人海中相遇的几率也只有七点零四六亿之一,错过了一天中的八万六千四百秒之一秒,就是一辈子的误差。









亲爱的,二十岁生日快乐 :)