Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Cafe Hopping @ Teacup Kitchen & Home Sweet Home, Manchester

So this was what she did last week then days later we were out on our cafe-hopping adventure.
It was a rainy afternoon with unusually strong wind that we almost got blown away (literally).
But nothing could stop two hungry hogs from good food, nothing.

First stop, Teacup kitchen.

Hmmm, almost fullhouse during a weekday as such, that explains a lot :)

I find this super cute lol.

Cake counter.
Feel free to look and drool as I did.

Red velvet.

Brownie with honeycomb.

That remarkable feeling when someone ordered something you secretly craved without asking.

Brownie with honeycomb!

A lil too sweet for me but maybe not if you're a big sweet tooth :D

Very tummy-filling sandwich.
Shared by we both coz we had another cafe to visit.

 £10 for a big sandwich + desert + one big mug of latte.
Fair enough :D
#dontconverttomalaysianringgit #onceinafewmonths #canlah

Next stop: 

A talented poser *coughs* is always in need of a talented photographer *coughs louder*.

Fancy lil cakes.

Okay, maybe too much.
Reminds me of my Teh Khe Sin lol.
May be a good idea for her 21st birthday if the cake can be sent back to Malaysia in time.

Recommended in the website, Mac and Cheese.
Heavenly good if you finish it before the food turns cold.

Nutella hazelnut milkshake.

One of the highlight of "Home Sweet Home" is its milkshake.

Maybe she's the reason why the cake went too sweet that we couldn't finish the whole piece.
Had to pack half of it and brought it along with us as we went shopping after all these guilty pleasures haha.

£10 for cake + milkshake + mac & cheese.
Good deal but the cake screwed up a bit ngaww.

Best moments are the ones spent at the right time and right place with the right person.
I'm more than glad that I found her, be it 12 years ago, or 12 years later that we get to mingle together again after years of separation.
It's kinda funny but how heart-warming it is, to be so superbly comfortable with someone who you haven't met for years, or barely spend time with daily.
We all know things may change after we move out from this residential hall the following academic year - We may not meet that often, we may not be having meals together that frequent anymore but why worry about the future when you have the present to hold onto?

Well okay, writing cheesy stuffs in English isn't really my thing I have to say, but she's probably one of the few reasons why I love Manchester more as days pass by.

Thank you for being there when I need someone, or even during times when I don't need any.
Have a safe trip and be home soon with my souvenirs! :)

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Nottingham 2D1N Trip Part 3: Green's Mill, Wollaton Hall (again) & Nottingham Castle

Was a lil disappointed when Felicia and I woke up in a drizzling morning.
We bought a daily bus pass but walking was still required to get to the visitor attractions.
Definitely not a good idea to be walking in the autumn rain, especially when the wind came :(

First stop of the day, Green's Mill. 

Very steep steps.

Too magical to use wind power to grind the grains into flour.
Now I begin to believe that humans are actually descendants of aliens from outer space.
Who could have figured out how all these machineries work from the scratch lol.
Too magical.

Wollaton Hall again coz Felicia hadn't been there before.

Managed to visit the interior of Wollaton Hall since H and I missed the opening time a day before.
Saw this lady cosplay-ed as the mistress of this massive mansion.

Museum in the mansion.

Thanks to the rain we had our schedule delayed and by the time we reached the famous Nottingham Castle, we were a lil too late to enter.
It was 30 minutes to the closing time and still we had to pay £5 entrance fee.
We decided to save the money for some other purposes, another hi-bye tourist attraction it was.

Girls being girls.

I wonder where the heck was my neck.

With Nottingham's iconic figure - Robin Hood.
Statue right outside of the castle.
Didn't have time to visit Robin Hood's forest thou.

It was only 3pm but it got me confused for 5pm-ish.

Decided not to go anywhere else.
Went to Chocolate Utopia that sells exclusive handmade chocolates.

Reasonably priced at £2.70 per serving for both hot chocolate and mocha, served with a complementary chocolate of your choice.

Definitely a must-go-place if you have a chance to visit Nottingham.



Happy day is a day that is ended with a happy tummy.
Trip with (my one-and-only Malaysian) course mate, checked! :D