Monday, February 17, 2014

Langkawi 3D2N Bojio Gang Trip: Day 1

Frankly speaking, I was a lil disappointed when Hub told me he couldn't give me a proper birthday pressie in time.
Was still glad that he was the one who accompanied me to cross the transition from 19th to 20th.
Doubted nothing when he asked if I was free on 11th Feb till 14th Feb,
asked and confirmed my IC number,
I couldn't figure out what he was about 
he told me that he bought me bus tickets and air tickets for a trip to Langkawi!!!

He said he gave me so many hints already lol,
stupidly cute I am, what to do :P

Took a night bus to Kuala Perlis and then ferry to Langkawi.
First thing to do there was to check-in, of course.
Booked it through, not settled by me so I asked nothing bout the price per night :P

Langkawi Seaview Hotel

Always a photo on my hotel room, always a must!
Simple design, cosy, has a balcony.
Design wise, hmm, too simple to be commented about.
Owh, no bath tub :(

Who cares about the hot burning Sun when you're with a bunch of crazies.
Newly formed gang named "Bojio" lol.
"Bojio" means "No invite" in dialect Hokkien.
Used to dislike people spoiling/interrupting (?) conversations with loud BOJIOssss exclamation.
But hey no this time, "Bojio" always pop out from nowhere at correct timings.
Or they're just too cute when they say that lol.

Signed up a deal for Island Hopping through our hotel receptionist, 
waited in front of the Underwater World for the guy to bring us to the port.
And there we went Island Hopping yooooo!

10 of us Bojios :)

Lovin' the sea breeze!
Almost fell off from the boat quite a few times when the ship-guy took a drastic turn.
All of us yelled our lungs out fuihhhhh berry berry eggciting.

Somehow reminded me of my past Langkawi trip the year before with my KMK peeps.
Very first "almost-fell-into-the-sea" experience was with them :')

With him.

Stopped for an hour at 
Dayang Bunting Marble, Geoforest Park

There was a green lake as you followed the trails into the geoforest park,
met a lot a lot a lot of China tourists, as in A LOT.

Hub and Wee Wei took a dive into the not-shallow-at-all-lake, for free.
Had a short swim and left the pool coz swimming there really needed some stamina lol.
Could rent a two pax paddling boat for RM 30,
everyone seemed a lil interested but no one was willing to take out the cash bwaha,
typical no income students pattern lo.

Credits to Yong Shao from album: Langkawi 2014 with le bojio

Wee Wei enjoying the cooling water under the hot sun like a hippopotamus lol.
I'm saying that he's sunbathing in water like a hippopotamus,
not that he is like a hippopotamus okay :P

 Monkeys everywhere too.
Khe Sin them were stuck at the stairs with Monkey Troops lol.

One of my favourite shot by Yong Shao of the day :D

Fantastic isn't he!

Credits to Yong Shao weeeeeeee :)

Look at the blueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Was busy with the blue till I forgot what place is this, 
will get back to this if any of my Bojios can recall the name okay
*no promise* 

Water sport activities were available there but Hub accidentally hurt his foot,
we played FOC sea water instead haha. 

Left top is our joker of the trip Johnny and our another pro photographer Eugene.

Couples of the trip: Me and Hub; Johnny and Ai Yen;
and Lengluis of the trip.

Bestie Khe Sin became Yong Shao's model for Hair Shampoo Commercial of sort haha.
And look at cheesy Yih Cherng drawing heart shapes on the sand and 
posing lovey doveyly for his someone special :)

Went eagle feeding before our Island Hopping journey ended.
What the ship-guy did, was to throw 

Pro Yong Shao again!

Took lunch at 3pm something, not a fantastic dine but we didn't have much choice 
since most restaurant were closed then along Chenang beach.
Sorta expensive for simple dishes like veg, fried sotong, fish cutlets, and tofu.
But we were too hungry to comment about anything,
forgot to jot down the restaurant's name again yay.

Headed back to hotel for a short rest.
Right after we went to Tanjung Rhu to see sunset, 
too bad the beach was closed for visitors after 7pm (I don't know why), 
was being stopped by a police officer ngaw :(
But Khe Sin was so beautifully prepared for a profile picture shooting, 
we begged the police officer anyway, saying we wouldn't enter water, just around.
And yay, she allowed us to be inside for 5 minutes!

Profile picture and behind the scenes lol.
Too dark so handphones' flash lights were all out!

Dinner at a well-recommended place named 

Had fried squid again, and this time with fried oyster egg (oh-chien) and soft shell crabs!
Super tasty and super cheap and halal too!
Full-house for the night.

Just found out that it's a Chinese Muslim Restaurant lai :O

Now you can see how famous it is :))

Headed back to rest with cheap beers and chit-chat and short photography class by Yong Shao yo.

Happy day like a free soul doggie :D

Langkawi Seaview Hotel

Official Website

Lot 40, Jalan Penarak, Kuah
07000 Langkawi,
Kedah Darul Aman,

+6 04 966 0600 / +6 04 966 0620
Email :

Wonderland Food Store

Lot 179, 180, 181
Pusat Perniagaan Kelana Mas,
Jalan Trimula, Kuah,
Kedah Darun Aman,

Opening Hours:
17:30 – 23:30

+6012 623 0441


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