Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Langkawi 3D2N Bojio Gang Trip: Day 2

What is Langkawi without chocolates and clear clear sea and blue blue sky and big big sun aye!
Got an offer from the hotel's receptionist again lol, 
RM 90 per person instead of the initial RM 160 for a day on Pulau Payar!
Including lunch and goggles, snorkelling equipments.

Followed the hotel's bus to the jetty, which was around 10-15 minutes drive.
We followed the pack of China tourists to reach the counter,
and it was kind of crowded at the place where we received our water-proof wrist bands.
For our lunchie and to make sure we were following the correct company.

Before we hopped into the ferry for an hour ride :)
Right bottom the guy in red is our almighty photographer Yong Shao 
(the one who I've been roaring about in the previous post: Langkawi 3D2N Bojio Gang Trip: Day 1).

The guy on his left with shades is Eugene, 
who's humorous and nice and Khe Sin's temporary rumour boyfie and aweshome photographer too!

Selfie with hub during the one hour speed bumpy ferry ride.
Small eyes and balloon waist wth -.-
Couple tee from Hatyai by him teehee.
You're my cowboy and I'm your cowgirl :P
Okay sorry, ter-cheesy hahahahhahaha, really love the sky blue colour!
*diverting from the topic*

And we reached Pulau Payar!
The beauty was beyond describable!
Though the mountains were no match to Krabi's but the water was clearer than Krabi,
beat that!

Khe Sin looked pale and could barely talk as she stepped down from the ferry,
the waves were too rough I guess,
far from living a pirate's life lo girl, hahahahaha.

I took a nap in the ferry, not much of sea-sick sign on me :)

Short briefing session before we were released to the water.

The guy said that in the past 10 days or so (during CNY holidays) there were close to 2,000 visitors on this small island.
He exclaimed that we should feel lucky coz we had only around 200 that day.
Imagine 2,000 people swimming in a not-too-big-snorkelling-area (safe area).
must be cramped and uncomfortable at all,
fishes would get heart attacks or what.

Let-Me-Go-faces were out lol.

Kept my camera since it wasn't water proof,
DSLRs were left in the hotel, so ta-da now we have Khe Sin's Iphone 4S on board :D

Yih Cherng and Jovi posing on the left top yo.

It was Khe Sin's first time snorkelling,
eggcited like a happy kid she was :D

Saw corals, spiky sea urchins, Nemo the clownfish,
Gill (from "Nemo" the movie), arm-length swarming baby sharks,
and also squids within a few strokes.
Saw more types of fishies than in Krabi, imagine that! :)

Had fun burying Johnny and Yih Cherng in the sand,
no one cared bout the burning sun above hoho.
Had chicken fried rice, a can of not-iced Ice Lemon Tea, and a sour orange.
Hub and Wee Wei complained about the taste of the rice but I find it okay thou,
was too hungry or probably I've had worse in Kelantan so I'm like immune already lol.

Tired but happy face when we left Pulau Payar at 4 p.m.
11 a.m. till 4 p.m. for RM 90 including ferry and lunch and snorkelling stuffs was really worth it I'd say :)

Pretty Ai Yen's sister recommended us this place for Thai Food, at
Wan Thai Langkawi Restaurant.
We were out of creativity so we ordered fried squid again lololol.
Fried fish, leave-wrapped-chicken, soft shell crabs (again), veg, and friggin spicy Tom Yam Soup.
Everyone had their lips swollen yet Eugene was still chewing on chillis lol.

 Overall the dishes tasted above average,
still uncomparable to the dinner we had the night before at Wonderland's.
Slightly pricey than Wonderland's too.

Went to Cenang Beach nearby for T-shirt hunting after dinner.

 You know who're your true buddies when the pattern-ness that poops out anytime when you less expect. 
Super grateful to have these peepo.
Too bad that Wenyi, Sheau Sze, Mean Jern, Hui Chi and Hui Yee couldn't make it :( 

Had a night of Poker cards with a game named "The 13 Games".
Difficult to explain about the game but trust me, it was super funnnnnnn!

Laughed our lungs out of it and took fugly photos as punishment;
Tickle people's waists;
Shake butt butts;
Had sooooooo much fun, been long since I laughed that hard.

Ever seen lengluis and lengzais going wild and fugly?
*no further captions needed*

 Luckily I'm owned, or else *gulps*
About others emm, I DON'T CARE ANYMORE bwahahahahahahahaha #singlerocks

Wan Thai Langkawi Restaurant

80-82 Langkawi Mall,
Jalan Kelibang,
07000 Kuah,
Langkawi, Kedah.

04 - 966 1214

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