Thursday, February 20, 2014

Langkawi 3D2N Bojio Gang Trip: Day 3

What is "a hotel stay" when you no enjoy its free breakfast buffet.

#disappointed was the word lol.
Limited choices, as in, berry berry limited.
Scrambled egg that looked greenish, lost all my appetite.
Used my creativity by mixing the egg with the salad's thousand island to regain my eating mood noh :(

No sausage for two consecutive mornings  #unforgivable

What is "Langkawi" if you no take photos with this eagle lol.
Obviously we were not the early birds, 
reaching at Dataran Helang close to noon when the Sun's torches were at their max.
This explains the dark faces we had in the photos below hahahahahaha.

Lovely I ♥ Langkawi T-shirts with them, bought at the Chenang Beach road side stall,
at RM 5 per piece :)

My 2nd I ♥ Langkawi T-shirt after the one with KMK 38 Family, that one was in black,
now it's white.

Continueing with our typical-tourist-to-langkawi-journey.

Went to the famous Langkawi Cable Car
or also called as the
  Panorama Langkawi Cable Car.
Bought entrance ticket with MyCard with a cheaper price RM 15, 
or else RM 30 to non-MyCard holders (non-Malaysians).

Sky was so blue coz the lighting was so nice thanks to the burning Sun lol.

Sometimes I really gotta say,

How on Earth do I love this woman so much lol.
I really don't want to BUT.

#mybestienamedkhesin #patterngirl #lookwhatshedidthere

What really happened behind the scenes, hmm, private and confidential bah *jerky smile*

Now you can see why it's called Panorama Langkawi Cable Car :)

Bottom row showed the love triangle scandal of the trip trololol

Wee Wei: "Should I call her?"
Eugene: "Maybe I should call her."
Khe Sin: "Double kill!"

*shame on my lame joke too lazy to think of anything else sowie haha*

The last time I was here with my KMK peeps the sky was this blue too I remembered.
But more windy I guess.
It's been quite some time, really.

Sad that the SkyBridge was still close tho, last time when I came here it was closed too.
Maintenance, they said.

Had lunch at Cenang Mall's KFC,
everyone was too tired to go for food hunting already, 
especially around 3 p.m. when almost all restaurants were closed, 
no energy at all to continue with an empty stomach.

Insisted in returning Hub some money before I spent more in chocolate shopping.
Still not used to spend that much of his money, yet.
Haha, YET.

Guess what I saw!

Reminded me of Bro and Mayple, Jie Si and roomie Brenda when I saw this NUTELLA.
Showed my fist to let you all see the uncommon sizes of Nutella.

The one that was larger than my fist costed around RM 130+; 
The smaller than fist I forgot how much was it already, it was called the "Weekly pack".
Woah one day one packet, heaven it is :')

Bought dark chocolates and matcha biscuit chocolates hee.

Returned the car at 6 p.m.
 And here we are at Langkawi's International Airport.

Finally got to sit in the trolley and Hub pushed me around in the airport without caring how people would judge us.
I remember the last time I did it was in LCCT when I was in primary,
didn't have the guts to do it since then.

A sweet memorable instax given by Ai Yen.
The memories, they're still burning in my head now.

And all of these,
wouldn't be true if he'd forgotten this dream of mine to travel the world with him.

A short vacation from our two years anniversary to Valentine's,
I'm happy enough to be yours.

Thank you for everything, Hub :)

Langkawi Cable Car

Jalan Telaga Tujuh, 
Burau Bay Pantai Kok Beach, 
07000 Pantai Tengah, 
Kedah, Malaysia.

+60 4-959 4225

Cenang Mall

Jln Pantai Cenang, 
Mukim Kedawang, 
07000 Langkawi, 
Kedah, Malaysia. 

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