Thursday, August 15, 2013

Bangkok 5D4N Family Trip: Day 1

Okay, too much to tell, am gonna cut this as short as possible 
but be prepared it's still gonna be looooooooooooooooooooong! :D

So we departed from KLIA LCCT airport at around noon,
 slight delay by AirAsia but I don't mind actually,
went window shopping at duty free shops, 
cam-whored with super huge ChupaChup Lollipop,
got a lil startled for not being able to access the airport's free Wi-Fi .___.

(after 5 days only I realized that I needa at least open my browser to access it, 
not simply turning on the Wi-Fi button like I usually do at home, WTH)

Safe landing at Bangkok's old airport Don Mueng
after a bloated nerve with high tension at my left eye and headache due to the change in air pressure :(

Stayed at this boutique hotel named KC's Place,
Aunt and uncle stayed here during their last stay, comfortable room, good service,
great location (away from the busy streets, easy access to local sky train transport, direct transit from the Bangkok new airport)
that explains for our stay this time :D

Awarded by the TripAdvisor tour website.

Friendly owner, Mr Peter, who's a Chinese origin from China, 
can speak fluent Mandarin / English / Thai / So-so Cantonese.
Language is quite a trouble there in Bangkok, so it's really good to find someone who can understand you well there.

Rate for currency exchange is around RM1 to 8 Baht plus, for easy calculation we calculated it in 1:10,
so KC's Place is considered really cheap for a budget tour in Bangkok.

The common transportation in Bangkok is basically Taxi, Tut-tut, BTS (like LRT/KTM in M'sia), or Bus.
Bus is not favourable since the language used is mainly in Thai.

Taxi is very cheap if compared to Tut-tut, if the driver uses meter lah O_O

Taxis here in Bangkok are very colourful, you can easily spot highlight pink/green/blue.
Compared to Red-white combination in M'sia. HAHA.

Tut-tut's price is worth two ways of Taxi, 
really not recommended unless you have too much to spend lol.
I'd rather spend it on food or shopping nyiaha.

Unpacked luggage and went food hunting with Aunt, Uncle and Mom.
So blessed to be hanging around with food lovers <3 nbsp="">

Ended up at Terminal 21's food court.
Aunt read reviews about this food court selling cheap tasty local food,
so here is our first stop! :)

Change your cash into credit, then swipe your card at the food counters like credit card.
Best if you survey what you wanna eat and have a rough idea how much cash you're exchanging.
You can change your remaining credits to cash again after feasting, no surcharge applied! :D

1. Fresh mangoes: for mango lovers must try- Mango Sticky Rice!

2. Mixed fruit blended: No sugar added, naturally sweet and refreshing!

3. Duck herbal beehoon: A little salty but within acceptance.

4. Fish-Maw soup: Imagine this portion with only 45 Baht if not mistaken (Around RM4.50+) 
Uncle and I was like, AHHHHHHHH 
Thailand is famous for its seafood, fish etc btw.

1. Tom yam fried rice: Became my favourite dish when I studied at KMK (Changlun, Kedah), this one is not too good though, was a lil disappointed.

2. Roasted pork rice: Taste like local, nothing much to be praised about. A lil too sweet.

3. Dessert: Refreshing!

4. Siew-Mai dumpling: Comes with the Fish-Maw soup Combo, no surprises I'd say.

1. Coconut ice cream: the best part of the night! Better than Baskin Robins, not too sweet, comes with the peanuts and fresh coconut flesh, ZOMG I CAN STILL TASTE IT NOW.

2. Side add ons for your desserts, over 20 for you to pick!

3. So this is the mixed fruit blended I mentioned above.

Went for window shopping in Terminal 21.
I super-duper like the theme concept for each floors!
They have different styles for every floors, including the designs for the shoplots, TOILETS TOO 
Beat that!

Kinda wish Bro was with me when I saw that Iron-Man statue lol, it's taller than meh! >__<

You can play PS2 with strangers in the middle of the mall, with comfy sofas, 
great place for guys to hang out while waiting for their girls who went shopping *___*

Look at their theme, it's super cool! 

Spotted a not-too-pretty-man with the big bus, miniature cake shop, multi-design all in one watch and a fake telephone house at this floor.
It's British-themed :D

Wenyi and Sze will go mad after this. Definitely.

This floor is Japan-themed, love the tanglungs so so muchie, cheap vintage dresses available here too!

As mentioned, toilets have their themes too!
Toilet bowls have super functions: 
Japan-style butt-cleansing / temperature regulator / sanitizer to clean your seat ORZ.

There's a mini stall with paper crafts I yelped till Mom dragged me away from the booth. 
Price's around RM20 for each, the handicraft ZOMGG

God-like T___T

Beside the stall is this vintage charms bracelets / necklaces
Never seen so much variety before.

I yelped till no voice once more :O

Then we went food-hunting again for tomorrow's breakfast.

Tasted wasabi popcorn, 
blamed myself for having a small tummy, 
and the small purse that couldn't afford too much of these delicacies T_____T

Who would want to drink with the Calories stated beside it duhhhhh .__.

Probably you'll see me being over pathetic about these numbers after I enrol in Dietetics course like, 
very soon *coughs*

Great taxi service there. Can't help to praise'em again.

You gotta queue up to take your cab, saw two girls who ran towards the cab (cut the queue),
in the end got shoo-ed by the driver himself.

Definitely a place worth visiting! :D

To end this day with a simple quote:

Love isn't complicated,
people are.

Will be away for the coming three days for a trip with my besties at Melaka.
Stay tuned! :)


  1. The handicraft so damn nice :) Eh we got potential to open handicraft stall liao next time. So much training during high school LOL


  3. Hi~ I found your blog randomly :)
    May I know how much does it cost you from Don Mueng Airport to BKK city centre?

    Thank you :)

  4. may i know what's the song title that you use for this blog?


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