Friday, February 21, 2014

Umai-Ya @ IOI Boulevard, Puchong

Mom's colleagues dined here before and gave a very good remark for its food quality -
probably the reason why the food price range was above average *coughs*
So usually people would go for its ala-carte style buffet instead, 
rather than picking sushi-s from the belt like how we usually do in Sushi King.

Aunt told me in the phone that she'd bring me here for my post-birthday celebration.
She bought this Meccha Goodo Coupons to dine-in with big discounts, for us, 
she isn't a Japanese food fan actually.

From 8-22 Nov 2013, each coupon is only at RM29.90 for purchase of 5 coupons & above.

I practically jaw-dropped when I heard that I could be there like, finally!
No more peeking through its windows with drooling mouth and glittery eyes anymore :')

Umai - Ya

Forgot that it was a weekend and Umai-Ya has this ala-carte buffet, 
we almost had no table to settle down.
Still, we were lucky enough to get a not-too-comfy-away-from-sushi-belt-table.
But nahh never mind :D

We're genuinely not-rich, really.
It's just that the love my Aunt has for me and my bro is - Beyond every words I know of.
As a government servant, she does not earn that high pay as in private corporates, 
but she's been working so hard, spending a lot of time earning extra income, 
spend little herself, so she can have more for us. 

Never in a life time to repay her.  Never.

#nofilter #longliveiphone #notmine

Bro fidgeting on what to eat.

Alas, he ordered this Teriyaki Chicken Sticks.
Am really sorry that I forgot the actual names and how much they cost again, 
yea again :(

Taste mildly sweet, not overly roasted,
tasted close to perfection with the sprinkle of sesame seeds.
It's like a Japanese style satay, Bro and Aunt loved'em!

Didn't know since when Bro became such a big fan of Japanese food,
still, he's  giving a NO and "yucks" duck face when I recommended him Japanese raw food like 
Sashimis and the Edamame (Green Soya Beans).

Ordered two hand rolls - One Crabstick Roll (and I was like, whattt I can do this for you lah), 
and one Unagi Roll.

Bro's main dish - Unagi Rice Bento Set.

Price for Unagi (eel) has been increasing in the past few months, 
heard from Wenyi that even now at Sakae Sushi and Sushi King 
one small portion of Unagi Rice cost at least RM 39.90 and above.

Great texture with the combination of good Japanese soy sauce, 
together with the sticky starchy short grain Japanese rice 

Aunt has a small appetite, 
so she ordered a Mushroom Salad that comes with varieties of colourful vegetable.
The salad dressing tasted a lil sour and refreshing, 
thumbs up for those who wanted something light.

Along with the voucher, we got this for free!
Tuna fish flakes as filing with fish roe on the top, 
dressed with Umai-Ya's thousand island and mayonnaise.
Combination of everything I love 

As mentioned above, the coupon's term was to spend RM 100 to get RM 35 off as discount,
so after we finished ordering our main dishes, found out that we needed at least one more dish to hit RM 100 so I ordered this, Deep Fried Salmon Skin Sushi with Teriyaki Sauce.
Very crispy and they tasted better with the spring onion bits.

Ta-da my Grilled Saba (Mackerel) lunch set that comes with a bowl of Japanese rice, salad, Miso soup, fruits and Sashimi!
Price was around RM 30 if not mistaken, 
very worth it I'd say, judging from its food quality and portion.

A close view on the side dishes:


Plate of Sashimi that consisted of Octopus slices; Salmon; 
White Tuna; and the last one unknown.

Forget about the fruits and Miso soup, couldn't wait to land my spoon and fork on this!

Juicy flesh but not too oily, tasted more awesome with a lil bit of the Japanese soy sauce,
didn't squeeze the lemon juice on top but ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
I can feel my taste buds and salivary gland functioning maximally now.

Great day catching up with Aunt,
listened to her catchy and funny stories, 
then finally we left this place with a full tanked belly and lots of laughters.
Will definitely be back, hoping I could treat Aunt the next time
that's when I have more cash in my pocket lol haha.

Umai - Ya's Weekend Buffet.

Lunch .Eat And Drink all Your Can! 
From 11.30am to 2.30pm
Adult – RM58.00++
Children (below 140cm) - Half Price

Umai-Ya Japanese Restaurant

Jalan Kenari 5, 
Bandar Puchong Jaya, 
47100 Puchong,
Selangor, Malaysia

+60 12-341 3535 / +603-7727 7777

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