Tuesday, September 2, 2014

20 Facts About Me

Hmm, if you're an Instagrammer I guess you've somewhat seen this "20 Facts About Me" tag-along thingy gone viral after the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

I've always wanted to do something like this and the time is here yo.
I'm tagged by dear friend Elaine, but instead of posting my list in Instagram, I prefer to blog it :) 



I love my family, love him, and my friends more than anything else.


Blue is always my first choice.  Not the music genre but the colour blue.  
I don't mind having all of my things in blue.  Oh, and blue looks best with white. 


I need over an hour to put on my contact lenses even after ten times of practices.


I suck in driving so much that I have yet to drive out my housing area even after two years having the driving licence. 


I have a cupboard full of books that I bought ages ago but have yet to read.


I have always envied girls with sassy body line 
but I have never succeeded in dieting nor exercising consistently.


Once I had the intention to undergo double eyelid surgery but now I learn that my pair of small eyes is my signature and a gift from my parents.


I always feel uneasy when people say that I'm talented in music.  
Yes, I sing, I play the piano, clarinet, and guitar, I love music to my bones but 
I can never qualify to call myself a true musician coz I'm always too lazy to keep up with the practices.


I love cartoons more than any other movie genres.


I need my fingers and a pretty long time to calculate the sum of 5 and 7.  
Maths isn't really my thing.


I will only marry the person who will clean the toilets willingly, love food and love dogs.


Trypophobia can kill me anytime.

*Trypophobia is the pathological fear, revulsion or disgust of objects with irregular patterns of holes, 
such as beehives, ant hills and lotus seed heads.


My worst encounter with Mr. Cockroach in my life was when one landed right in front of my nose.
I was 17.


I have always wanted to have a few pierces on my ears, dye my hair red and have a tattoo.  
I want to see my parents live longer so guess I'll have to delay this plan of mine.


I love good food a lot a lot but nothing beats my mom's dishes.


Farting in a swimming pool has always been my secret evil indulgence.


I love being looked up as a dai-ka-jieh (elder sister) 
but only those who are close to me know that I'm actually a cry baby who wails over little things.


I like to show off to my brother whenever I get to pick a big nose shit or ear shit. 


Getting lost at no matter where I am is my born talent.  
Directions make no sense to me.


I am ultimately grateful to Buddha for who I am, and what I have today.  
Amitabbha :)     

So this is all about it, thank you if you finish reading my rants till the end :D

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  1. Getting lost at no matter where I am is my born talent. Directions make no sense to me.



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