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Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. @ Sunway Pyramid, Bandar Sunway

The day right after I returned from the Langkawi Trip with my Bojio Gang,
woke up in the morning and started packing luggage to prepare for my 9 p.m. flight back to Uni at Kelantan.
Aunt invited me, Bro and Mom for lunch with coussie Song Ling,
but Mom had school replacement that day so the four of us ended up at Sunway Pyramid.

I live in Puchong, well, supposingly I'm qualified to call myself a city girl - 
who knows well on where to shop, where to have the best food.
Sadly to say I'm not even familiar with Sunway Pyramid at all lol.

#momisnotashopperholic #thinpurse

Had no idea what to eat at first as me, Bro, and Coussie fingered through the directory,
was amazed by the long list of fancy-names-restaurants.
Have always wanted to pay Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. a visit ever since I watched "Forrest Gump". 

But was afraid if the price would be off the bills, told aunt that I was okay with anything.
(Well basically I AM OKAY WITH EVERYTHING, imagine food back at USM #limited #disaster)

Bro somehow read my mind and requested Aunt to bring us to dine there.


Starred by Tom Hanks, my most favourite actor of all times.
A film with a simple plot but with a moving emotion that was portrayed with depth by Tom Hanks.
A 1994 film (Yay it's my year!) which had won Oscar. 

Just in case you still can't get a picture of how good/famous this film is, 
look at this quote:

Better nuff? :')

Okay I really can't stop with how much I love the movie,
do watch it when you have the chance you knowwwww!
Make sure you don't miss its soundtrack as well!
One of my best song in my forever playing playlist :)

Okay back to Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.
It's a shrimp company that actually existed in the movie 
and they have this restaurant set up with all the movie posters, clothings, car plates, Forrest's quotes etc.

I really shouldn't be blabbering more already or else I can't make it to sleep in time tonight.

#noedit #iphone

So madly nervous to step inside!

Brilliant idea to be using a ping pong bat for the children's menu.
*Forrest loves to play ping pong in the movie*

Another new concept that I really love about this themed-restaurant.
This flipboards are on every dining tables.
Once you get yourself a seat, the waitress will approach to ask if this is your first time dining at this place.
The instruction to use this is rather easy - just flip on to the board on the right, which says: 
Stop Forrest Stop
 whenever you want to order food, or call for billing - when you need assistance from them.
After their service, you can just flip back to the 
Run Forrest Run

*Quoted from Forrest's mother during a scene when Forrest can finally run by himself*


Right after we got our orders done, me and Bro went to tour the place.
Pity his ears to hear my yelps every few seconds 
(He eventually complained about my high-pitchy-ness when our "tour" was about to end hahahahahaha)

100 marks for the ambience! 

All over the walls you can see photos from the movie scenes.


And Forrest's quotes.

Among all, this is the quote I love most.
Hit me hard on the spot.

 Old bottles and cash.

There's a room that mimicked Forrest's house in the actual movie.
The wallpaper is so vain I'm gonna die!
Guess Wenyi'd love to spend some time taking photos here as well :')

Foodie time! #finally

One thing I'd really like to comment about Bubba Gump's Menu is that though the choices are quite limited (if compared to other Western restaurants),
they focus mainly on shrimps and you can't really find a whole long list of chicken/beef/fish servings.
They serve shrimps as their main spotlight 
(looking at the restaurant's name pretty explains everything haha).

Shrimp Spaggheti ordered by Bro.
A new dish in the menu 
and again, I was too busy exclaiming for the food and forgot to snap a photo of the price.

As we passed by a table during our "tour" earlier, 
Bro was rather disappointed seeing that this was being served in a small portion.
But turned out it was really tummy-filling and imagine the blend of shrimp with cheese aroma.
Gosh my salivary gland is actively secreting saliva already.

Salmon and Veggie Skillet ordered by Aunt.
RM 37.90

You really can't imagine how tasty it is! 
*That's when you close your eyes and feel the salmon melting in your mouth and forget about the bill that you're going to pay later*

It was served with a reasonable portion of Jasmine Rice, 
a big slice of grilled salmon, 
with carrots and some other veggies which I failed to name, in Garlic Herb Butter Sauce.
With a slight squeeze of lemon juice and an unknown herb, 
superbly appetizing and healthy dish it was!

Aunt loved it so much that she kept on praising until I forgot how many times already :D



Fish with Lobster Butter Sauce.
RM 29.90

WOAH yea I woah-ed at the Lobster Sauce part as well,
wanted to order aunt's earlier but was shocked by the price so I opted for this,
not to say cheap but I find it reasonable for a fine fish dish.

Love the mash potato that blended in well with the soft texture of the fish along with the not too buttery-creamy-sauce.
Aunt, who doesn't fancy milkish butterish, loved this as well.
Ultimate happiness and heart shapes popping in air whenever I took a bite of it.

Coussie dined here before and she ordered this before.
She said it's one we shouldn't be missing so here it is, one from the Bubba Gump Specials!

Shrimppin' Dippin' Broth
RM 36.90

Served with a hot pot of shrimp broth (or soup we call), Jasmine Rice, and French Bread.
Would be a fulfilling dish for big appetite people, well maybe not too-too-big-appetite.
Sadly to say the French Bread that was being served was ice cold at the first serving and we requested to change another slice.
The waitresses were nice and got it served again, with a heated pot of broth and re-structured rice
 but the same mistake occurred again :(
The bread was still cold inside.

It was a happy day so we were quite okay with it and requested for another.
As for the third time they finally got it right, 
and this time it was being served by the Manager himself!

As we were exclaiming on how tasty the broth was, 
the Manager appeared with a plate of this.

Chocolate Dream Cake - Vanilla Ice Cream
RM 15.90

As a gift of apology of something.

Hot outer layer with dark chocolate lava flowing inside,
the moment when the lava streamed out when you cut it from its heart :')


And I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for her.

Had a lovely photo with my loves before we left that place.

Definitely a place to return despite its slightly higher price.
Looking at the quality of its food and service and the ambience, totally worth it I'd say :)

Bubba Gump Shrip Co.

OB. K2, Oasis Boulevard No.3,
Jalan PJS 11/15,
Bandar Sunway,
46150 Petaling Jaya,

03-56384559 / 03-56353559 / 03-56376559 (Fax)

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  1. Truly agree with you that USM food suck...They don't improve food quality since I left USM 15 years ago. Perhaps monopoly food business is the reason why they don't need to change themselves.


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