Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Bad Boy Cooks @ SetiaWalk, Puchong

Yeap I wrote about two food reviews about SetiaWalk's restaurants earlier, 
just in case you missed that, click below :D

SetiaWalk is quite a common hangout place for Puchong youngsters and adults who enjoy night life - 
Beers, loud music, hotties etc.
where sweet lovely cafes and pubs practically bombard the whole place.
Until recently SetiaWalk came up with a TGV Cinema (Okay not so recent for this one)
大嘴巴 Loudspeaker KTV (Heard that it's super cheap but I've yet to explore there);
and this, the very newly opened Grand Shanghai themed food court.

Plan to have a photo-shooting short trip there before I fly back to USM, hopefully.
So here's something brief.

#takenwithHTCOneX+ #notmine #nofilter

Small CNY Gathering with secondary school friends at SetiaWalk tonight! :D

Had a small cup of freshly blended Watermelon with Fresh Milk Ice Cream by Kindori
while waiting for the rest to come. 
Formulated in Japan (so the boss said)
had a short friendly chat with the boss (hoping for a discount maybe).

Taste healthy as it wasn't too sweet, fresh, and chilling.
Worth trying.

The price depends on your choices and combinations of fruits, 
and whether you want it in cup or cone.
Costed us RM 6.80 for this.
A lil pricey for me but still, always no resistance for special fooooood you know me :P

Wanted to try out 海外天 Oversea Cafe since Sean said it was not as pricey as the others,
sadly the kitchen was down temporarily and there were lots of tables that were yet to be served.
So we gave up and opted for this cafe.
Spotted it during the walk with Hub.

Bad Boy Cooks

Gotta admit that I was attracted by its design at first.

Then the menu, and price of course.   
Cheaper than the rest in the area, eg: Burger for RM 9; Spaghetti for RM 9 etc.
So we swarmed in like a bunch of monkeys.

Al - Funghi Carbonara Spaghetti.
RM 9 


As you can see from above, it was really cheesily creamy.
Felt like heaven on my first chew, 
still in heaven on second bite, 
then the ultimate guiltiness filled me up. BAHHHH.

#ohmaigod #calories #fatass

Hub ordered a Tempura Fish with Mushroom Sauce 
RM 10

The dory fish fillets had this butter aroma, and were nicely deep-fried - 
Crispy outer layer and soft juicy inner.  
However, the whole dish was in such small portion, 
below average mushroom sauce which tasted no more than starchy paste.
Thumbs down on that :(

Tempura Fish Bowl.
RM 10

In the menu it says japanese short-grained rice is used, well it does look like it.
This was much tummy-filling than the one Hub ordered since it came with rice.
One thing I ain't sure was, did Teriyaki sauce went out in the kitchen ah? :O

The RM9 burger came in small portion and not instagrammable at all.

Pricey = Good food ?!

Is it really how things work ah? :<

not applicable to home cook dishes la of course.

Oh great this guy in the middle reminded me about getting back to Uni life lol
#primarytilluniversity #oldbuddies #hahaheisgoingbackthissaturday #onemoreweekforme

Bad Boy Cooks


B-10G, Block B,
SetiaWalk, Persiaran Wawasan,
Pusat Bandar Puchong,
47160 Selangor.

03-5891 1206

Operating Hours:
Monday - Sunday   11.00 am - 11.00 pm

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