Friday, November 8, 2013

GBK GO! Burger Kitchen @ SetiaWalk, Puchong

I don't know what's with all my blog posts about food these days 
but I really quite to like the idea of sharing photos on the cafes/restaurants I went.
Food makes me feel happy and I wanna spread this love through simple words and photos :)

So here goes:

GBK GO! Burger Kitchen
at SetiaWalk, first floor.

Me and bro went on a movie date before I enter uni at SetiaWalk,
Big burgers are on a trend and my fellow girlfriends were hotly discussing about BurgerLab etc.
Khesin shared a blog post about this burger restaurant and I was stunned when I saw the interior design.

*ps: she's an experienced food blogger so do check out her experience at GBK yea

So this is my first time there, 
and a surprise lunch for my bro (who's a huge fan of Western food like burgers haha) 

This is how it looks like from front.

I have a special interest towards blackboard and chalks.
Here's a GBK Go! Liath Challenge,
in which if you can finish the super huge size burger as shown below 
in 15 MINUTES,
you get to eat it for free!

Bet it'll be like a horror movie if you see me gobbling this up LOL.

This is your menu, on the wall.

All burgers come with fries and a drink.

Guess what, the drink looks something like this:


There's an old spirit inside me that loves old stuffs like these!

It was weekday lunch time so it isn't a merry place at the-nightlife-mode-SetiaWalk.
Me and bro are the only customers here eventually.

Dear bro with his internal conflicts on what to eat.

Meanwhile waiting for the food to be served, 

Just look at the colors, so many little stuffs to be explored! :DD 

Trust me, I have no resistance towards cute stuffs like these!

Look at these vintage feel charms!

Ketchups, mustards, sauces in shampoo bottles (lol not real shampoo bottles la bwahaha)


Can openers for bottled drinks.

Especially love these colorful bins! 

There hangs the corpse of the guitar 
*trying to be poetic* 


Bro's Go! Pork

My Go! Chicken

Lovin' the fries, they're in so large portion that even my big appetite bro can't finish'em.
Juicy meat patty that doesn't give you a mouthful of oil when you take a big bite,
and for health-concern people,
don't worry you'll have lotsa lettuce and tomatoes in the burger, (I deduct marks for the tomato part thou)
and the oil/fat content of the grilled meat patty is definitely minimal.
Every bite makes you feel healthy and less guilty!

Visited the kitchen when bro was busy clearing up my fries haha.

So here's our boss!
Saw from the blogger's blog post saying that this guy's very friendly and yea,
He is indeed!

Asked him about the idea of running this restaurant, and everything was designed by him!
Cheerful, pretty teeth guy,
and real good service I'd say.

No so-called: first-time-talking-awkwardness going along during the conversation with him.

I'm still a shy girl to request a photograph with him so I took this from my dining table.
And I got caught .___.

When no adults are around and you can play with food. HAHA.

I'm trying to love tomatoes but.......I can't, we're not destinied.

Upon payment, Boss told me that students are given special 30% discounts!
Not sure if it only applies under certain circumstances, didn't cross my mind to ask since I was so overwhelmed :D
I couldn't find my student ID, bro didn't bring his along either,



Anyway, thought of bringing my beloved Wanpei Sinbei Edith to this wonderful place but sadly it wasn't opened. Better luck next time D:

One thing you can't fight against iPhone is its camera's resolution.
It isn't mine anyway .__.

All photos in this blog post are non-filtered #fyi :)

Go! Burger Kitchen
Official Website

G-5-1, Setiawalk
Persiaran Wawasan, Pusat Bandar Puchong, 47610 Puchong Selangor


Working period:
Tuesday - Friday: 12pm-11pm
Saturday: 10am-1am
Sunday: 10am-9pm
Holidays: closed on monday

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