Sunday, April 20, 2014

A Short Tour to a Recording Studio: Demons

Okay, things always get excited when it comes to recording/filming (well for me at least!)
It's not my first time here, third in fact.
But the level of excitedness never really goes down slope as time flies.

White Horse - Originally performed by Taylor Swift - Cover by Huiwen

Hahahaha find my voice funny now hahahaha, kinda ruin the song.
Was super nervous as this was supposed to be a project by Yong Shao's friend, Peng Yip.
Guitar was awesomely played by Yong Shao!

Second time was with my high school besties and we recorded this as a token of friendship.

后来后来 - Originally performed by S.H.E. - Cover by Huiwen, Khesin, Huichi, Huiyee, Sheausze & Wenyi

I miss them already :')


#nofilter #iphone #bropunya 

Yong Shao is going to graduate from S.A.E Institute (School of Audio Engineering), Subang pretty soon,
so we three sort of came up with an idea to have at least one more recording-for-fun session before he ends his diploma.

As you can see, SAE Institute has a lot of campuses, namingly:
The States, England, Australia, Holland, Austria, Germany, 
Italy, France, New Zealand, Switzerland, Sweden, Scotland, Belgium etc.

Had a very quick run through and discussion at Bryan's room a night before,
decided on the song "Demons" by Imagine Dragons!
Agreed by everyone on the spot coz we rearry mad love the song!

Okay back to the topic, it's supposed to be a short tour post.
*clears throat*

So this is where the recording studios are, 
SAE students have another floor with tutorial rooms for classes, not here.
Practical sessions are being conducted here.

Yong Shao collecting the mics, wires etc.

Students are allowed to book the rooms for personal use/project after college time,
there're students who are always at the counter to assist with equipment borrowing and returning.
A super-not-bad part time job :D

Brought Bro along so he could have a peek himself at this green room for filming purpose.
Bro was super eggcited when I told him there's a drum set here and he could play at it if no one was using.
BUT from what you see below, someone's on a filming MV project halfway. 

Pity Bro, got to look at it shone but couldn't play.
It's been a while since he last played the drums since he graduated from high school noh.
Hate to see him disappointed but haih D:

Here comes the fun part!

Yong Shao busy setting up, took quite some time for the mic to be in position.

Whereas me Bro and Bryan dot dot dot...

Time was kinda constraint so I didn't kacau Yong Shao as he recorded his guitar audio version.
Bro helped me take this before my singing session started!
Not in a good condition that night, so not-profile-picable :(

God knows why I stood so rudely fugly when I sang pfffft.

In a few hours time we finally got it done!
From the very scratch to singing and harmonizing :)

So glad to have them.
The 默契 is always there though we've left school orchestra for like, 3 years already?
The ultimate bond :)

One of my favourite snap of the day!

Do listen if you are free, it means a lot! :)
We've added in new elements and the song is still stuck in my replay list so hahahahaha 
Credits to Peng Yip for the video shooting!

Please ignore my constipated face and funny hand gestures and synced wrong parts lol.

I guess something's wrong with my head ish.

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