Saturday, October 11, 2014

Half Day Solo Tour in Manchester City Center: Manchester Art Gallery

Just when I left the Manchester Central Library, I thought maybe I should just grab something to eat before I attend the table tennis selection for my university's squad three hours later.
Oh as usual, I lost my way again.  Even with the map I had *smacks forehead*.
But losing direction wasn't a thing too bad if I wasn't worn out or in a rush.
Or maybe it was the adrenaline rush from my PianoGuys' concert tickets purchase aha.

Some photos captured when I was trying to find my way home.
Unedited and taken by Olympus Pen EPL- 3.

Manchester's City Council

Weather was turning great after the rain :')

Then I stumbled upon the Manchester's Art Gallery.
Well, since I had plenty of time left, might as well as take a look since it was free entrance.

Too beautiful.

Reminded me of you when I saw the first pink-peachy dress.
Ah Jern, you know why :)

I love the colours of the walls.  Vibrant yet classy.
Couldn't forgive myself for taking a slanted shot like this, 
but I hope more people in my country can see how people appreciate art here.
There was quite a number of visitors here even during lunch time, old or young.

Some of my favourite paintings.
They were beautiful, but the only way to understand them more was to read through their history plates at one side.

 I couldn't pay much attention anymore in the art gallery coz it was 2pm and I was frigging hungry 
(I didn't take breakfast omg).
So I left the art gallery and went to hunt for food.

Passed by the Central Library again.

Don't know what building is this.  Haha.

Stumbled upon this lovely pastry house.

But figured out cakes wasn't a good idea as my pre-sport-meal.

Eventually I got too picky I couldn't find a place to munch something.
 In desperation.

Cheeky Coffee Co.

The title suited me well so I stomped in as the first customer.

Super big mug of Mocha is love.

First jacket potato ever! 
Another achievement unlocked :D

Made it to the selection in time and passed the trials for women's squad!

More than glad that everything turned fine :)

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  1. haha the pink dress is vintagy beautiful!=P

    - ahjern


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