Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Sneaking out in Sneakers

I have a thing for shoes.
Sneakers, to be exact.
I'm not into heels.  Yea, heels turn girls into women, but they can cause nasty little blisters.

Recently I wore heels and contact lenses for the very first time on a date with H.  I felt pretty good at first, with H woo-ing at me and treating me like a princess for the day, and I think I caught people's attention too.  I think.
Oh and someone thought I'm a Korean
I'm not sure if it was because of the heels (coz I didn't put on any makeup as I don't have any) but the day was fab.
However the day could have gone better if it wasn't for the four blisters that popped up after two hours of dating.  I thought I could bear the pain at first but I was so wrong about blisters.
The remaining of the date was horrendous. 

So me and my girlfriends went crazy the other day when we saw our favourite sneakers on 70% sale.
I grabbed a pair, put it in my cart and I texted H just before my purchase.
I needed some sort of assurance, or rather, someone to blame for my irrationality - I just bought a pair which is not-too-cheap, like a month ago?

From Google image.

Probably the best investment I've made so far on shoes!
It comes with a price though *plays with fingers*

"Hey baby, there's a massive sale going on and there's pair of sneakers that I really really wanted......"

"Didn't you just......"

"Okay.  Thank you for being so unsupportive."

"How about other shoes that are more feminine?"

After the date-with-blisters incident I couldn't agree more that a pair of comfy shoes matters more than anything,
Yea, heels are smoking sexy and are great choices for many occasions but sneakers can do the trick too!
And if you think sneakers are only great for hanging out or classes, then you're very very wrong!
And if you think sneakers are for women, read on below to explore different styles that you can try out :D

Be a formal chic!

If you are hardworking career women who love fashion, you can wear a pair of sneakers to work.
Switch those sky high heels with a nice pair of sneakers and match it with your formal wear. 
The sneakers will definitely appear trendy with your blazer, shirt and trouser ensemble. 
Besides that, the sneakers are comfortable for you to walk around in at work or even rushing to an important meeting.

Want something casual?

Sneakers are the perfect substitute for women who want to look edgy yet still feel comfortable on their casual day out. 
Choose any sneaker design which catches your attention and style it with your plain old jeans, shorts and tees. 
Step out looking trendy and walk with confidence everywhere you go. 

This is how I find Brit chics usually dress up for classes.
And I as a girl I can't keep my eyes off them too!

Feeling feminine?

For the ladies who want to style the trendy sneakers and still maintain a feminine touch, you can always pull it off with your dresses or skirts.
Choose a pair of sneakers with a plain simple design and have the combination of tomboyish yet feminine charm.
Impress others with your edgy new look and feel confident flaunting it in front of everyone.
Show off a different side of you and be the center of attention!

Sneakers look sweet with dresses too :)

I hope my boyfriend sees this ahaha.

And yea, I'm so ready to conquer the world now!

Are you?


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  1. These are wonderful beautiful sneakers for women i really loved them thanks for sharing :)


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