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Bangkok 5D4N Family Trip: Day 4

Went to Chinatown on the forth morning.

There's a saying that goes: Chinamen (Chinese) are everywhere one loh.
I gotta clap clap and say it's so true, coz no matter in which country you are, 
you can find Chinatown (唐人街)。

Same goes to Indians, there's an Indian street in Thailand too.
Sometimes I had a wrong concept as if I was in M'sia lol.
唐人街 at 茨厂街
Indian street at Jalan Brickfields.

Bangkok is famous for its seafood (mentioned don't know how many times already haha).
You can get cheap fish maws a.k.a. fish stomach(鱼漂)here.
For Chinese it's a quite high-class cuisine as it's quite pricey,
but look at the fish maws they sell here, in bulk and they come in cheap cheap price!

As you walk on the streets, sometimes you may have a misconception that you're in Hong Kong or China.
Probably it's too much HK drama or what but look at the Chinese signboards in the air!

Mom and Aunt has been to Shan Tou, China (汕头)a few years back,
they said this Chinatown in Bangkok looked exactly like that place.
Especially when you hear lotsa people speaking Teo Chew (潮州).
The friendliness of the language overwhelmed my two women, they enjoyed themselves a lot here.

Mom said the food they sold in this Chinatown are traditional Teo Chew dishes,
now it's Mom's turn to yelp here yelp there like a small kid lol.
"Popo loved this ahhhhhh"
"Your Popo's Popo loved this ahhhhhhh"
etc etc.

*PS: the left bottom are fish maws fyi.

It was lovely to see Chinese words after so many days of Kap Kap language buzzing around :P
Oh one funny thing, guess what is the thing as shown at left bottom?

I told Mom it'd taste good lol, looks fluffy like marshmallows.


*runs away*

prolly I'm their species afterall .___.

Bought Smoked Pork at this shop named Lim Jieng Hiang (林真香).
Aunt bought some last time, Smoked Pork and Smoked Duck back for us, 
and it was so highly rated that it became a must-go location if you visit Bangkok within our family members.

Mom and Aunt chose two big pieces, and asked the shop keeper to pack it into vacuum-pack so it would be easier to bring it on plane.
Mana tau, language problem striked,
the workers go and chop the big piece into size like above, helped us heat up summore >__<

In the end, Uncle bought some of the small pieces coz he couldn't bring those back to S'pore, tasted'em on the spot.


It was not oily at all and with every chew you could taste the mild-smokey taste with a lil moist,
totally chewable and every chew you taste heaven.

Aunt chose another big piece and used hand-leg language to explain what's "vacuum" HAHA.

Tried the famous-dao-appeared-at-Wikipedia-first-on-food-list chicken rice, which they call:

Khaiton Khao Man Gai, Pratunam.

They claimed to be the first Hainanese Chicken Rice Shop in town, so we gave it a try.

After trying, emm, not much with the chicken, no chicken-taste, too over-rated I suppose.
It was tender and juicy, no doubt.
But for chicken-lovers like us, we expected more, 
at least you got to taste bat-cham-kai (steam chicken 白斩鸡) with chicken taste one marr.
Gwong Sai Zai(广西仔), the chicken rice chinese restaurant nearby my house serves better chicken rice than this.

However, Thai rice still wins lol.

Ordered a Duck Herbal soup too, tasted ok ok, who still use NO-MSG soup in restaurants anyway.
Mushroom added a lil marks for it, not too bad :D

Went to Platinum
the super super wholesale mall.
It was beyond describable HUGE.

So many floors, so many outlets, so many dresses, unique T-shirts, accessories.
Now I understand why bloggers commented women could practically die here.
Blouses' designs here you can see no repetition, or hardly,
and super cheap is the thing you can keep exclaiming.

Platinum VS Chatuchak Market

Platinum has air-cond, more comfortable;

Platinum has a lot of beautiful "he" as models, if you want to see them, with very geli old uncles kap-ing them, come to Platinum;

Platinum has more choices, but less variety, you can spot no Pets section here;

In Platinum it's better if you don't shop alone, bring along your besties, coz in a shop if you buy two pieces above they can give you wholesale price, which is much cheaper than you buy one;

T-shirts in Platinum have more creative designs, but more expensive.

So in the end I prefer Chatuchak Market, still.
More things to see and to WAAAA about.
Don't really mind the Sun as long as I have things to WAAAAAA.

Prolly I'm really the very-kampung-city-girl like others say la -___-

 1. Noodles from Chinatown - Comes with fried fish skin. Super crispy and no oil-stink.  Mee was doink doink also, very Chinese, not sweet (like, finally -__-)

Dinner at Platinum Food Court:

2. Herbal Duck Feet - Wanted to try at Chinatown but Mom was busy WAAAA-ing with her stuffs so I kept quiet.  Ordered it for dinner.  A lil too salty, otherwise okay, ate it with rice.

3. Fried Pad-Thai - Yea my family has an obsession with Kuey-Teow you see.  This dish finally tasted quite good if it wasn't s-w-e-e-t.  Had wok hei, that plumpy cook manyak power one.

4. Mee in Gravy - From the same stall as Fried Pad-Thai - No surprise, tender pork slice thou!

Aunt ordered 3 desserts later but I was on eating mode 
so I care no more about you all 
so I forgot to snap 
tee-hee :P

Return to hotel like a dead weary fish, 
feeling guilty on the money spent on shopping, guess I'm not a born shopaholic afterall,
feeling low-confident on my look and size so I bought mainly T-shirts instead of feminine blouses/dresses,
feeling unbelievable that I'm actually leaving tomorrow? 

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