Friday, August 9, 2013

To Dear S

Dear S:

#1 : Some things are not going to stay, no matter how hard you try.

There was this one cool thing called, growing up.
We used to talk about it when we were seven, then seventeen.
When you came to the verge of nineteen, you doubted if reality would be any way different from how you had dreamt.
Startled, with the faces of people whom you used to know, they smiled and laughed with the bunch of people they claimed to dislike; Under the shades of glittery makeups, you wondered if there were any slight traces of something you used to know.
You tried to avoid from them, but you were afraid that you might annoy someone else.

Gradually, you no longer got yourself attached in any of the conversations, you didn't want your emotions to follow along.
You smiled along with the crowd.
You buried the words without being noticed, along with the seemingly unimportant dream of yours.

Growing up, is a really cool thing I'd say.

#2: Trust me, you blossom in a way that no one does.

We live a life of expectations, depressions, and regrets.  
We have so many things to yearn for, chase for, we so claimed, die for.
You have so many ideal goals to chase after, to be a more outspoken person; Or a more cheerful girl; You wish you had bigger guts than to smile at the corner.  
But hey girl, I don't know if you realize this: The more you're after, the more you're losing the true you.
Probably you have yet to realize the fact that others picture you as a role model, too.
Funny it is, but you're like a pup chasing after its tails.

We have expectations, then there come regrets.
We will break our hearts once in a while, but hey,
We grow amongst it.

#3: True friends stay, till the very day.

It's okay if you're imperfect- All of us are born this way.
You may have a huge ass, but more out there are true big assholes.  You should be glad that you're not one of'em.
You may have small eyes, monolid, but more out there have petite vision, they don't look as far and thorough as you do.  You should feel grateful and thank your parents for that.
You may have low self-esteem, but more out there are pretending they're not though they are.  You should be proud because you're not lying to yourself, you know what to deal with and then slowly regain the courage to move on.  
Believe it or not, you're one step ahead.

Don't seek perfection in everything you do, for all of us are born perfectly imperfect.
Embrace the dark edges of your true personality, for there will be people who love you for who you are.

Cause girl you're amazing, just the way you are.

ily :)

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