Friday, December 20, 2013

Krabi 3D2N Family Trip: Day 2 and 3

The other thing I fancy apart from a simple design yet cozy bedroom is its breakfast.
Just to let you know I'm not a really breakfast person all this while, probably it's because I don't get these at a regular basis that's why.

I can still recall myself fidgeting which to eat first and my next plate blah blah.

Was introduced by mom of this yogurt with fruit cubes, madly in loveee!

After breakfast, we headed to the beach for a boat ride,
it's called island hopping yay!

We were requested to take off our slippers and wash them in the water before boarding the boat.
To keep the boat clean, and it worked O__O

It was a speed boat, the sun was super big and I was a lil not used to this 
(since it's still raining season in M'sia, I barely see sunshine haih)
Ain't scared to be tanned, it's my lovely sea! :))

The tides weren't rough, the person in charge was a Malay girl named Hani (Honey?),
glad to be able to understand something,
since I was busy shouting and exclaiming over small things haha.

Snorkelling was the main activity of the day.
So we were dropped to a shallow area to "test-snorkel", get used to the don't-know-no-wash-for-how-long-life-jackets-and-goggles-and-breathing-tube.
Hani suggested us to snorkel at an open sea area at first lol.

You should be glad you're seeing my blog post right now.

Lol of course we didn't take the risk.
Had our try out at a safe shallow bay with small waves :)

This was our 2nd island I forgot the name HAHA 
Snorkelled at the 1st island, so happy so enjoy till I forgot to snap photos heeeee
So we stopped here for lunch!

Finally I got to witness the so-called "floating boat" in the clear blue water :')

With my lovely Dad, Mom, Bro and Coussie.

Found a sand bag, so my bro conducted a free Karate lesson session haha.

And I failed my lesson HAHAHAHAHA.


I spotted blood red corals, and Nemo in grassy green corals :')

Headed shore right after my 3rd Island.

My beloved Aunts and Uncles and Dad and Mom and Coussie.

The boat service provided transportation for us to return to our hotel yohoo.

We were switched back to the hotel we were supposed to stay the night before.

La Playa Resort

Coussie loved this place better, we were a lil high when we saw the cute towel elephants.

Showered and rested for a while, then we headed to Kodam Kitchen to fix our growling stomach.
Aunt said it was being introduced in TripAdvisor so here we were :)

Finally a good Tom Yam Gung and Green Curry!
Still, room for improvement for the Pineapple Fried Rice :O

1. Mixed Vege Pataya - Nothing too special.

2. Fried Rice - Tasted good if it wasn't for the peas -.-
3. Salt Baked Fish - Super good! Juicy yet not too salty.
4. Pad Thai Pataya - Okay okay, could be better.

In short, the food here was overall above average, but the portion was too small!
We ordered several plates for the same dish just to let everybody taste it lol.

Went to walk walk and bought some souvenirs along our way back to the hotel, 
Aunt had the sudden urge to give Mango Sticky Rice another try since it was also a disappointment after our last Bangkok trip.

1. Coconut Milkshake - Still, Bangkok wins; Melaka 2nd.

2. Mango Sticky Rice - An hour for it to be served, bad mood to comment.

3. Pineapple Platter - Banana goes better with platter haha.
4. Fruit Punch - I kinda miss the glass my Piano teacher bought for me before I headed for my Grade 8 exam hall.


So this was my last morning at Krabi.

I didn't do much that morning, had a good sleep after chatting with Bro and Coussie till late night.
Couldn't wait for breakfast to come again! :D

Seemingly the variety wasn't as much as Paradise's 
but I was still a happy kid as long as they didn't serve plain white bread with Milo. 

One interesting thing here was that you got to prepare your own bacon! 

Lil coussie had fun with this haha.

Fruit Yogurt again, to make myself feel healthy :P

Played my food, and didn't get scolded hahahahahahaha, this is one of some precious time when I feel grateful for not being a lil kid anymore.

Don't know when can we all sit together and have breakfast once again :')

Did some light packing and headed to the airport with my parents.

Bought a RM21 McDonald Pork Burger wth, even Fillet O'Fish costed RM17,
and the outlet wasn't in the airport pun -___-

Took an international flight by my own, first time ever.

Still couldn't help the tears though knowing that I'd be home a month later.

Guess I'm never growing up deep inside.  I hate distance.

Was so scared taking a transit flight from Krabi - KL - Kelantan.

Last minute flight was delayed due to bad weather.

Not a too good ending for this trip, but not too bad either.
Who knows I gotta get used to flying the distance alone in the future :')

In conclusion, I got tanned, spent quality time with family, and tried new good food.

I figured some things out, I begin to believe that it's okay to be alone, in a positive way lah.

I'm still a sunshine love sea love blue girl alright :)

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