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CCN 2014: The Wedding

Most of the photos posted below are not owned by me,
I apologize if I've used them without informing sowie :O

Have been blabbering about Chinese Cultural Night (CCN) since quite some time ago,
just in case you're not clear what it's about - 
It's one huge annual event which holds the breath of all of the Chinese students in USMKK 
(Whole Kelantan too, perhaps?).
It's a grand event which attracts up to 1000 and more audiences,
and this isn't made possible without a strong and dedicated production team.

In Dewan Utama, USMKK.

To make things short and sweet, according to the custom here,
1st year students are required to go on stage as performers,
whereas 2nd year seniors will be planning and directing the whole flow of the night,
which includes finding sponsorships, decorations, from top to toe.

Publicity department was so strong that as I passed by a nearby area from my uni, 
I could see my face (poster) being hung on big buildings, 
even on an ice box in the hawker center lol.

Sponsorship which helped to cover our T-shirts, meals and tickets.

Not forgetting super impressive Deco team after months of hard work!

And the theme for this year is called 『喜喜』, which means The Wedding.

There're so many things to write about, but to prevent you from dozing off,
I'm gonna try my very best to summarize and wrap up everything wokay :D

From the very beginning when I first knew about being selected to join the sketch team,
playing a major character named Mei, I was like,


Was so shocked at the moment I knew about this as I have no experience at all in acting,
nonetheless on a big stage as such.
During audition I ranked sketch as my 5th/6th choice out of 9 if not mistaken and 
it never crossed my mind that I was so luckily being entrusted on this role.

"I'm so gonna screw myself.  Screw everything."

*smacks forehead*

Gave my so many first times, like:

Putting on fake eyelashes.

Wearing traditional costumes.

#whychoosebigfacemeasactresslol #stillaquestion #hahadoubtful

Poster shooting.

Promo video shooting.

I could still remember the awkwardness on this very day when I gotta shoot a video with this fella named Derrick.
Gotta act as thou we were destinied lovers when it was the second time we two talked, 
and that we barely knew each other at all to have lovey dovey acts together.


As a typical Capricorn, I struggled my way to accept the fact that I would really need to jump out from my comfort zone,
even if it meant that I would have to leave my original circle of friends.
Five of my Diet Cantiks all went for the 24 Seasons Drums.

Their practice schedules were super hectic, 
4.30 - 7.00 p.m. then 8.00 - 11.00 p.m. since last year's November.
The bond became so strong as the time spent together was so long though there were hectic moments as well, 
physically or mentally.

But sometimes, losing is gaining, right?
Here I met these lovely peepo,
who I spend so much time with, reciting the same lines over and over again,
cycling and yelling at each other at midnight as we ended our sketch practices.

Behind the scenes :P

There were mistakes, knitted eyebrows;
Sudden changes and edits on scripts even until the very last moment before we go upstage;
But always, kind advices were the most we had - 
Never an emotional outburst shout-out-loud-pekcek-session by our very dedicated sketch director Christine :')

Throughout the whole process of learning on how to act,
there were times when I got really depressed with myself that I couldn't depict the character well in anyway,
no matter how hard I tried.

And the fear of disappointing our CCN's president Jonathan, 
my lovely senior plus stage director Angela,
and another sweet patient stage director Siau Fen;
Seniors like Ah Do, Ah Kam, Noelle and Wendy.
They'd given so much encouragement, time and hope on us,
but I was afraid if I wasn't the right person for this role after all.

And sometimes, I felt like there was no one I could tell.

During rehearsals.

Hairdo and makeup sessions were kinda torturing for me coz I was instructed to sit still -____-
Wasn't in an air-conditioned room lagi.

Pattern pattern before we were being quaranteed - 
No electronic devices were allowed to be switched on from back stage to avoid disturbances to the flow.
Couldn't talk summore.

Moments of ganjiongness and sampatness before serious thing took place!

Opening ceremony of "The Wedding".

VIPs of the night.

Chopsticks as doorgifts.
Which brings the meaning of 成双成对 in mandarin, 
symbolizing the union of a pair of love birds.

Performances *Not according to sequence*

Modern Dance Crew


Traditional Dancers

24 Seasons Drummers.

Musical Team and USMKK Idol Dion (Bottom right girl)

Chinese Yoyo performers.

Backstage Crew.

Sketch family.

-Referring to the photo on bottom right-

(left to right sequence)
With Ke Jia as Mei's aunty;
Philip as General Zhao;
Boon How as the Emperor;
Huan Lee as Wife of General Zhao;
Chun Oon as Messenger / Army of enemy.

Derrick as Shang (the groom);
Me as Mei (the bride).

 Before marriage.

Just married.

Felt like a cosplayer that night when everyone was asking if I can take a photo with you.
A movie star or what lolololol

Was being joked by the others that I'm a one-day-old-bride.
 WOAH you know what, I JUST DIVORCED hahahahaha.

And all of us couldn't have made it through the night if it wasn't for these awesome people:
Ah Do, Noelle, Ah Kam, Christine, Angela, Janet, Andrew, Tong Seng etc etc.
Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

Not forgetting this lovely director of mine, Christine.
I'm sorry if we made silly mistakes and probably weren't serious enough during late night/ early morning practices.
Though the progress didn't go as smooth as you expected at first,
hopefully the outcome that night will give you a smile on your face whenever you think about us.

Thanks for being so nice to us, bearing with our naughty craps :')

After the finale, I couldn't breathe when I saw this person standing before me.
One of my best buddies from KMK.
He joked that he would come but I never took him real anyway.

Talked through the night and I love spending time speaking nonsense and old days with this fella.
Thank you for coming all the way from Penang Ah Choo :')

And the hand-made bouquet of flowers by my dearest Wan Pei.
I cried like a baby on the spot and on my way back to university after sending Ah Choo back to Penang.
I gotta say, I really do miss you, much.
Thank you for being here, with me.

Met Stephen who's from KMK too, had a small small reunion here at Kelantan :D

Sin Chew Daily had been very supportive all the way long by publishing relative articles 
to help us publisize the event, 
and thanks to their effort, we hit 1400++ tickets!


On the papers.



I doubted myself along way if I could do it,
I didn't want to screw this big thing,
I felt timid and the courage just went off when it was so near to the big day.

Still, when the right time comes,
I'm grateful that hard work do pay off  :')

Nahh, me in makeup.
Terrifyingly not me, so ladylike lol.

#fugly #ohmaigawd

Wanted to eat off all my lipstick so I could at least sip some water while waiting for my turn to go on stage.
Wanted to take off all the pins and hair sprays so I could feel air draining through my hair.

I think I still prefer big Ts, shorts and slippers like a kampung girl lol.

- Missed out a photo of me in another pink outfit haih -


Now that CCN's over, I don't have a strong reason to keep myself thin anymore lol 

Thank you for those who clapped and stayed till the end.

I'm a better and mightier person now bwahahahaha :)


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