Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Cameron Highlands 3D2N Trip: Day 1

Had a few days of holidays during early May, 
so we decided to go for a short trip to somewhere before our hectic month of exams swarmed in.
So there were two destinations:

1) 2D1N Perhentian+Redang+Lang Tengah Islands Hopping 
2) 3D2N Cameron Highlands

My 5 other Diet Cantiks joined most of the others to the first destination and I chose the second.
Heard some wild guesses from some random people that we didn't get along well and that I was isolating myself from them.

Promised Bojio Gang that we'd go together on June after my finals, 
can't be hopping the same islands in a month's time right,
it's not like I'm Bill Gate's daughter or what.

Though in the end the plan failed anyway 
*shrugs shoulder*
I'll be there someday, hopefully :)


Took an express bus with Ka Chong, Suet Chin, Si Lin and Pei Cen
from Kelantan to Ipoh, Perak.
Arrived at Amanjaya Ipoh Bus Terminal early in the morning, 
look what these ladies had done there.

Like no one's business hahahaha.

Got the chance to witness a quiet Ipoh town street.
On Dim Sum breakfast hunt!

Suet Chin wanted to try out Dim Sum from the smalled, less commercialized 
Ming Court Hong Kong Tim Sum (明阁香港点心).

She didn't get to try out during her last visit, 
heard that the food tasted better there and cheaper hmm.
But bad luck this time that it wasn't opened again :(

Went to Restaurant Foh San Dim Sum (富山茶楼)instead, 
which is just right opposite of Ming Court.

Woah, first time having breakfast at such a grand place like this
*peeked at purse, gulped*
First day of the trip, pretty much of cash so okay, let's go rock this place!

People often say that it is very important to be going on a vacation with those who share common interests with you, 
best to have those who come from similar family backgrounds so when it comes to spending money and having fun, less burden and more fun I guess :)

Glad that we're all food kakis!

Maybe not mainly due to the taste and presentation of the food 
but the accompaniment I had for such a lovely fulfilling Chinese meal after a solid month eating Malay cuisines at Kelantan.

And the happiness stopped when it came to billing lol.

Mission after breakfast: Find the bus station that leads us to Cameron Highlands.
So basically this is a budget + unplanned trip,
we have no maps, no GPS, all we had was time and our mouths.

Thanks to Labour Day, one and a half hour journey from Ipoh to Cameron Highlands took us close to four and a half hours.
The tragedy of being stranded in a bus with a full-tank-bladder.

Booked a hotel with Agoda.com again!

TJ Lodge

Well, it's a small inn, pretty cozy for a short, cheap stay for backpack travellers like us.
As you can see above that the bathrooms are shared, very clean I'd say.

 Went for a brisk walk around Tanah Rata after a late evening lunch.

Spotted a beautiful path with trees that led to a mansion, photography session!


Too early for dinner, too late for tea break, but never too late for coffee.
*Peeked at purse*
Shared two among us five.

Took taxi to Brinchang for their night market.
Should've booked a hotel at Brinchang instead of Tanah Rata ishh, 
more varieties of restaurants and night markets, lesson learnt indeed.

Found a gate which was not locked, 
we kinda sneaked in and found these new growings in small pots.
Photography again lalala.

Me fancy night markets, just so if you don't know.
New food to try, new things to see, like this much.

Apart from typical Cameron Highlands highlights like corn, strawberries, honey, and this!
The sweet potato balls!
Though we have this we called 番薯蛋 (sweet potato egg) at Petaling Street in KL, but hmm the taste is different with the sesame.
Imagine it hot and the temperature falls as night draws upon.

Took taxi back to our place and we were hungry again.
Stumbled upon this restaurant with a cute name - Gossip Corner (吹水湾).
Found it interesting and decided to go upstairs and take a peek.

Settled our butts down due to the starvation.

Noticed photos of people having super duper huge burger named 
"Gossip Mega Burger 吹水汉堡王".
Costed us only RM18.90!!!!!!!

I love the chicken-chop-like-patty, which was juicy and tender, grilled.
Like McD's Grilled Chicken Burger (GCB).
But the bun wasn't pre-heated I think, could have tasted better if it was served a bit hotter.

Attention to big appetite comrades!
If you're a massive eater that can mumble big things up with speed, 
you should definitely come and have a try by finishing this burger within 7 minutes.
Then you won't need to pay a penny for the burger and a free drink.

Oh oh and Perak Sin Chew Daily Student Reporters get to have extra discounts coz the owner himself was an ex student reporter.
Great service, one humorous guy.

Had supper and headed sleep like a pig.
Happy pig.

TJ Lodge

No. 68A, Persiaran Camelia 3,
Bandar Baru Juta Villa,
Tanah Rata,
39000 Cameron Highlands,

Restaurant Foh San Dim Sum

Official Website

51, Jalan Leong Sin Nam,
30300 Ipoh,

05-254 0308

Gossip Corner

Facebook: Gossip Corner Restaurant

82B, Persiaran Camelia 3,
Tanah Rata,
39000 Cameron Highlands,

Opening hours:
12 p.m. - 12 a.m.


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