Thursday, June 26, 2014

Cameron Highlands 3D2N Trip: Day 2 and 3

Hey all, after almost a month of idle and busy studying schedule, 
I'm back to blogger again!

Had been busy with piles of lecture notes and my finals to end my first year in BSc. in Dietetics,
I'm now officially a free bird once more :D

Just in case you're too old to recall, I blogged about my trip to Cameron Highlands with
Ka Chong, Si Lin, Suet Chin and Pei Cen
during early May so here's the link to my Day 1!


Hmm so here's briefly what we did on Day 2!

Visited the Lavender Garden like, finally!
Had been anticipating for this!

We took a public bus from the bus station nearby our stay as taking a cab 
from Tanah Rata to the garden located nearby Tringkap would be a lil pricey. 
Public transportation wasn't that convenient back in Camerons so 
we decided to skip our breakfast and catch the bus' schedule, 
which was around once per three hours.
(I hope I don't remember this wrong, it was two months ago,
I'm super not talented in numeral figures just so if you have yet to acknowledge this, 
I no good in Maths

After paying RM5 (adult) per entrance each (children RM3),
me and Ka Chong decided to have a light breakfast at the Lavender Cafe;
the other three girls opted for something else so yea.
We tried out their Lavendar Tea, Lavendar Milk Tea and Strawberry Cheese Cake.

Sound awesome right?
But nahhh, they didn't taste that good afterall - 
Lavendar Tea and Lavendar Milk Tea tasted synthetic and weird, not my cup of tea 
(or maybe I wasn't quite used to the lavendar aroma?);
The cake didn't taste too fresh, solid texture for cheesecake, hmm just no.

No time for disappointments anymore so this is it!

I'm not a big fan of flowers basically but I love how the colours with one another on the slope.
Great place for photoshooting, even with my bodoh camera everything looks magical, aye?

Some spots I really like.

Look at the colours, they're all from the same family but of different vibrant colours!
You can pick these flowers by your own and bring'em home if you like!
Oh wells, you have to pay of course.

Typical youngsters being typical tourists at Cameron :P

Strawberries remind me of my nose lol
(Okay I'm not gonna further describe anything, it's really disgusting).
Bla expected.

I'm kinda amazed by myself for such consistent shooting too hahahaha.

Pattern queen pattern-ing.

It's also called the "Love Lock Lane".
Love locks on one side of the path, and small cute bird houses on the other.

Love. Best friends. Romantic. Happiness. Health.

Sorry for the low quality resolution photos, 
was trying out the offline photo collage software PhotoScape instead of the usual  
Gotta stick back to Fotor I guess.

Tried out lavendar ice cream.
Nahhhhhh I shall no longer declare myself as a fan of lavendar anymore :(

Kind reminder for those who's interested to visit Cameron, 
it's advisable to either have your own transportation, 
or rent a car when you reach the place by bus.
Coz it's really really inconvenient to travel from one destination to the other without a car.

The public bus did not come any earlier to pick us at at the farm, 
no luck seeing any empty taxis that passed by too,
 so we decided to WALK from the farm to the nearest town for food 
and probably get a taxi that could bring us to the Boh Tea Plantation, 
which is located 8.6km away from the farm.

And we walked for 4km 

After lunch we asked a few locals about taxis around, 
and we were so dropped dead when they said that it's unlikely to get a cab at Tringkap town.
What else could we do? 
UPHILL 4KM SOME MORE to reach Boh.

We gave our last shot by waving hands to every lorries/big cars that passed by, 
hoping to get a free lift.
I even tried to wave with my sexy legs to attract people's attention lol but too bad I was on my long jeans 
and there was no way for me to roll my jeans to the very short sexy length :P

And you know what, miracle happened!

A vegetable lorry stopped and the driver asked if he could help with anything.
We told him that we wanted to go to Boh Tea Plantation
and coincidentally he was heading that direction too!
So we hopped onto the lorry and began this eggciting journey of ours!

On the lorry selfie-ing~

Yelled and screamed and sang like in MVs, so cool lah kami ni.
Thank you so so much from the bottom of our hearts.

Took a few cups of funny fusion tea before we tour the Boh Tea Factory.
Long queue. 

History of Boh Tea.

Tea factory processes.

And a lil of shopping.

Didn't buy any though I'm a big fan of red tea.
Admiring the simple yet elegant designs.

No luck at getting free lorry rides when we wanted to leave.

Well, another miracle happened!
A family four-wheel-drive car stopped and offered us a ride but only till the bottom of the hill.
No problem of course!

Had another downhill scream and yell then yea, 1km walk to Brinchang for our steamboat dinner.

Forgot the name of it already, hooray.

RM22/pax, not much meat but of more veg.
Good food can be of good accompaniment too so yea, great dinner after a day of exploration!

As you can imagined, we dozed off quite early that night too due to ultimate exhaustion.
Still managed to play a few rounds of card, had cup noodles before we slept :)


Day 3

Packed our stuffs and returned to Ipoh before we took a transit back to Kelantan.
Had a whole fruitful evening at Ipoh Parade with a singing K session, 
window shopping and great chinese food and the hawker centre.
Wanted to go and have the famous Ipoh chicken rice but couldn't make time 
and transport was a problem too.
So yea, hawker then.

End of our 3D2N Cameron Highlands Trip lo :D

Cameron Lavender Garden

Tringkap, Cameron Highlands, 
39100 Pahang, Malaysia.

+605 - 4961 208

Open daily: 
Mon-Thurs: 9am-6pm
Fri - Sun: 9am-7pm

Cameron Boh Tea Plantation

Boh Road Habu, Ringlet
39200 Pahang.

05-493 1324

Sunday, June 1, 2014



接近年底大考了,也意味着 study week 的到来。
还要庆祝一个对我来说非常非常重要的人的生日呢 :)

完全充好电准备剩余的 study week 了呵。



H 也不时给我发信息打气,在我彷徨的时候跟我说,嘿一切都会好好的。


Law of attraction。
我微笑,但愿如此 :)


最近一直在听 Patch Adams 的原声带,每次听着听着嘴角都会不自觉上扬。