Monday, November 17, 2014

London 9D8N Trip Part 2: Victoria and Albert Museum

Benjamin told me that amongst all the museums in London, this one named Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A in short) is his favourite.
Since it's only 5 minutes walk from Imperial, I decided to spend one of my evenings there.
I won't be writing much for this post, due to time constraint and datelines that come swarming in (yeah the same old reasons again).  And partly I think that art is able to portray itself better than words sometimes.  You can give a try and see if the magic works this time :)


Exhibition which required an entrance ticket, which I didn't enter and you-know-why.

Death mask.

Though I'm not a Christian myself, I find sculptures as this intriguingly beautiful.
As I have always believed that beauty crosses all barriers and boundaries.

The very ancient choir book.

I personally is more fond of the Natural History Museum, probably it's because I don't have any past relevant experience in paintings, sculptures or the other sorts of art that you can think of.
Still, I like the atmosphere there, cozy yet elegant.
Another evening well spent :)

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