Thursday, November 13, 2014

London 9D8N Trip Part 1: Natural History Museum

Believe it or not, it's been almost a month since I last blogged.  How time flies.
So many things had happened in the past month, since there was a Reading Week for me to officially slack behind (which I wasn't supposed to do so, name's READING week.  Supposingly it should be like a week without lectures and tutorials for you to catch up whatever you've missed out).
Then there was pre-Reading Week, oh so you can imagine me daydreaming or scrolling through webpages every day so I could get my Reading Week well-planned since I would head South to London (you will know why later).
After Reading Week, I was caught in post-reading-week-syndrome, before I was mentally broken down because of all the mini exams that I successfully screwed up.  Though the marks are not accounted into the finals but still, I still feel rather bad.
These days I'm gradually picking up the pace again with trucks of guilt, hopefully I can be anywhere near okay soon.

Well, apparently this is not the point of my blog post.
The photos awaiting to be blogged are piling up high as my unread lecture notes, I nidda get this done in no time!
Forgive my lack of description wokay :)


After an hour of coach delay, I reached London approximately 6 hours later.
Some may gasp at the hours spent on bus, my London friends were asking why didn't I opt for train instead.
Coach is much cheaper of course, and personally I don't find the distance too far.
To me it was like a journey back home from Kedah during my college days, no big deal :)
All I couldn't wait, is to see him.
Two months since we last met.

Obviously he is the reason why I was there in London

H made breakfast for meh! :D

Short tour to Imperial College London and Royal Albert Hall near his place after his club activities during the weekend. 
Had a peek at his lecture halls, labs (only the doorway), cafes.

 Just realized that I had no photos of Imperial College London's buildings uhh.
Taken from Google.

The compound is relatively smaller than I expected, restricted to a rectangular dimension, which kinda reminded me of my high school.
But it's a place of elites and for elites anyway, tend to make people (like me) feel timid and smaller.
Or probably the compound of the University of Manchester is just too big.
Even I haven't finished visiting to all of the campuses myself lol.

Spent my first weekday alone in the library doing revision since he needed to attend classes.
And guess what, I fell asleep UNINTENTIONALLY.
This is just so so embarassing hahahahahaha.
A great sunny day is rare in London (according to a book about London that I read before) and it is totally unacceptable to not go out and play.
So I decided to give myself a break on the next day.

So Tuesday it was and my friends in London have classes (obviously), off I went with my camera and a bag pack to the nearest and cheapest attraction that I could get to from his hostel.

Natural History Museum 
Free entrance

It's 5 minutes walk from where I stay and every day I passed by there were long queues from all of its entrances.
Which made me question WHY.  What's so special about this place?
Queues to museum is something that I have never witnessed/heard of in Malaysia.  Not that I'm aware of.

After a big long queue outside, another 45 minutes more?

Now this explains why.
If you think this is a lot, see below.

Queues are doubled outside.
Bear in mind, it was a Tuesday.


A massive collection of pieces from my childhood.
I sent photos throughout my journey in this Dinosaur Gallery with my family, particularly my bro who loves dinosaurs since young but has yet to witness one himself.
How nice it'd be if he could be here with me and name the dinosaurs one by one.

Entered a section which I spent no more than 10 minutes at.
Reminded me of my nightmare course Anatomy & Physiology in USM and it was like a revision for my current module in Body Systems.
Uh-huh no way.

Mammals Gallery

Pumba the Warthog says hello! :D

Marine Gallery

And the queue was ever-long.

Highlights of the museum.

On the way to find one of the treasure of the museum.

See the round thing in the middle?
It's a Giant Squeoia tree found in California, USA.

Minerals Gallery

I'm not a chemicallish person so what I did was to hop around, got attracted to beautiful colours, tried to pronounce the names of the ores and forgot them all as I turned my head away.

I didn't take photos at the Insects Gallery coz they're just too gross.

Amphibians and Reptiles Gallery

I prefer live frogs anyway.

Souvenir Shop


Tours always end at souvenir sections so yea. 

Well I missed a party which was held in the museum itself only on certain dates in a month.
Didn't get to skate at the ice rink outside the museum too.

Nevertheless, this is the museum I love most during the week's trip.
Definitely worth visiting :)

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