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International Cultural Fiesta @ USMKK

Surprises work best at times of least expectation.

Okay I admit that I have been a lil philosophical nowadays haha.
Have seen posters about this "International Cultural Fiesta" event for quite some time in the campus
but for a moment or two I thought the posters were "misplaced" because it sounded too good to be true.
"International" is a so cool word to attract my eyeballs.
Anyhow, my heart leaped a beat with a full surge of adrenaline, 
so eggcited that I forgot to jot the date down.

A week ago, I became a committee member for a random say-no-to-tobacco-event along with Zhe Xin, 
were called to buy extra mineral water midway,
passed by the hall and spotted banners hanging around and people calling us to join along.

OHMAIGAWD I could've missed this awesome thing you know!
I guess this is fate 

I know this post comes abita late but it's better late than never, right? :D


So there were booths set up to different countries accordingly,
whereby international students would share their own cultures through food, 
costumes and some traditional games.
These amazing people came all the way from USM Main Campus, Penang, for this event.
According to the people there, it's an annual activity at the main campus 
but it surely is the first time that they came!

I was so happy, so goddamn happy and eggcited to be talking in high volume with pitchy bitchy squeaks.
It's really unusual to see so many new faces in this health campus, 
try imagining meeting people from 
Korea, Japan, Netherlands, Africa, Australia, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, 
Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Jordan, India, Brunei, Thailand and Indonesia!    

Without further ado, lets catch up with the interesting stuffs there!

Usually if we were to try out traditional costumes and take photos, we were usually charged, right?
But no this time!
Felt shameful when I practically asked how much we should pay.
Korean people are so gentle and sweet despite the language.
I was kinda surprised to know that in a student exchange program you can actually change your course for a semester.
Lets say, if you're studying Finance in your own country, when you enroll in the student exchange program, you can continue with Business Management as long as the credit transfer is accepted :D
Love conversing with them as they were so enthusiastic about their own culture.
Tried out their rice biscuits and sweets!

With this girl who insisted on her cactus profile picture when she has this totally profilepicable picture to change .___.

Funny it is, we have different personalities, 
like we're from two different worlds but lately we seem to fit in shockingly well.
Most of the times I'm the one who talk non-stop in our conversation and yea, she's really one good listener.
Glad to have her for the day!
In fact, the photos here were from her HTC, that she selflessly borrowed me for the event
as my Samsung W wasn't in a good condition that day haha. 

So sadly true that the food was only for display ngawwww.
Saw the Japan students demonstrating the methods to roll a sushi on the stage.
Tried making a complicated flower origami, too :D

Tried on their wedding outfit and I was in the male's hahahaha.
Second wedding in two months time I'm kinda cool (If you remember about CCN hahahaha)

Was a lil disappointed with Australia's booth, not much to know about,
that Tim Tam is originally from Australia 
(Never tried before and the packet was sealed I couldn't reach my paws);
That boomerang was used to kill animals
(I picked it up and tried to throw before the demonstrator said it could kill living things).
Nothing much.
Probably because the girl was busy with the Afghanistan booth.

She's born in Afghanistan but moved to Australia then currently in USM Penang for a semester in degree.
She's so pwetty, big eyes, ohhhh and especially with the Aussie slanggg!
She invited me to come again tonight for the Cultural Night and told me that she would be dancing!
Amazing chick.

Was absolutely amazed with the beauty of this place.
Absolutely in love with the colors of its historical landmarks and ancient history.
The land of Alexander the Great, Romans, Crusades and Muslim conquest.
Got a few travel guides and enthusiastic explanation from this guy, felt appreciated :D
Wish to pay a visit to Petra one day.

Now that I remember this place appeared in the Indiana Jones movie, one of my all time fave adventure movies.
Literally carved from the sandstone cliffs, just too beautiful.

Tried Jordan's traditional food.

Looked like Chinese Lotus Leaf Wrapped Rice(荷叶饭)
but Karen warned me earlier about this booth's food so I took just a very small bite.


Sour to the core and it tasted like fermented rice or something, 
couldn't really describe it as the taste was so new to my taste buds.
The guy was like, ooh I can tell you like it so much.
*bitter smile and nod head*
I swear my forehead crumpled like don't-know-what as I swiftly moved away from that booth.

Apple symbolizes love in their culture and will be displayed at every houses
during their new year according to custom. 
Hope I didn't remember this wrong la heh.

Iran won the best booth award for the event. 
So much food to try on!
Was shocked when I saw the Chinese popular CNY food pistachios (开心果)is one of their traditional new year food too.
And walnut-pie-like cakes? Groundnut puffs? Hmmm very tasty indeed.
Find the tastes quite similar with Malaysian's though :)

Couldn't find photos of Iraq ngaww.
Well, me, Zhe Xin, Karen, Jia Wei, Winnie and Lee Teng played a traditional game
which was pretty simple but I found it quite fun actually.
Two rings were being hidden in two random fists
and one person would be the one who stood in front to guess where the rings were by giving orders like:
Open your fist
or You're the one!
The phD Iraq student let his family members join along the game too,
was very fun with the lil kids laughing along :D  

At Brunei's booth to try out their food.
Sago paste with fish essence, garlic and chilli.
The mixture of fish essence, garlic and chilli tasted okay, acceptable 
Not a prob with the texture but the funny taste though I'm an ultimate sago lover (sago in tongshui).

Basically nothing to much about Thailand to share since the food that we tried like the flower one above,
is like egg rolls that we usually eat in Malaysia.
And some that taste like kuih kapek.
Neighbour countries I guess.

Syria's exhibitor was apologetic about the limited displayed items, due to the war in his country.
Somewhat heard about it before and there were consistent fund collecting during lectures.
I wonder how bad it feels knowing that your country is at war and 
disruption that goes on not knowing when's the end.

Anyway, the one on right is some sort of natural chewing gum which is 
naturally extracted from a special tree.
According to the guy, women will chew it everyday for fresh breath 
though I don't find it refreshing personally la haha :P

Africa booth was just photos, about the city and the safari.
Was amazed by the exhibitor's fluent English, asked him if he usually speaks English in Africa.
Lol no, he's from Chicago and the last time he was in Africa was like, 8 years ago?
Hohohoho.  Busted.

Am sorry that I missed out a few booths, Zhe Xin left early with her phone and mine was out of battery.
Didn't bring my camera along either, wasn't prepared :(


Cultural night was extremely interesting,
 especially when it came to the part when they danced to their own songs, 
and there was a Malay song singing competition.

There was this astonishing spinning dance in which the woman spin and spin herself for 7 minutes non-stop!

Was busy clapping my hands so the photos I have in hands are these from Ming's Ipad,
after the performances.

Typical Asians that go crazy when we see hot, tall, white guys!
I asked them if their people are all generally tall, they pointed at me joked that we're only cuter in size.
Isssh :P
Learnt that Netherlands is the first country in the world to allow homosexual marriage,
and that they have no mountains/hills in the country.

Edith with this very popular Korean guy, who was a contestant for the malay song singing competition.
Ming with this America-African guy, who was standing at the red carpet, looked upset coz he was alone?

Us with Jia Tian, who danced for Malaysian cultural dance performance,
and bumped into Suat Ting, our former college mate from KMK,
who performed Chinese traditional dance performance.
(All of the girls from the Chinese traditional dance are Malaysians actually lol). 

Super lovely day!


Student exchange program, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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